Thursday, April 30, 2009

Modern Baby Bedding with Many Motifs

Modern baby bedding that is cute, cuddly, soft, and comforting is in high demand, and there are a lot of different styles and motifs that are popular. Whether you are looking for a nursery that is bright and cheerful or one that is pastel and serene, these days just about anything goes, so you have a good chance of finding exactly what you are looking for, thanks to the designers that make nursery design what it is today.
You’ll want modern baby bedding that fits the personality of your family and the style of infancy. Some people find baby bedding that they fall in love with, then decorate the nursery around that set. Others start with a particular set of colors in mind and then find accessories and linens that compliment those colors. There are dozens of high-end designers that parents can choose designs from and they all offer several different collections. Some parents prefer a contemporary style for the nursery, others go with more traditional, and still others choose retro motifs or trendy décor. The beauty of it all is that no matter what style you go with, as long as it all goes together and looks nice, it is in style.
Prints are still in style this year as always, and some of the most popular are animal prints like zoo animals, puppies, teddy bears, and kittens, and safari animals as well. Some patterns seem to come in and go out of style every couple of years or so, but animal prints are definitely back this year, for modern baby bedding as well as a lot of other things such as shoes and handbags. Animal motifs in the nursery are popular because animals are always “so cute”, just like the babies. Usually, baby animals are used instead of full-grown ones. Jungles, rainforests, and plains designs are always cute.
There is a lot more to modern baby bedding than just looks of course, the linens have to be soft, comfortable, and good for sensitive skin. Some of the cheaper materials can be irritating, scratchy, not very breathable, and can even cause rashes on the babies’ skin. Some of the ordeal of finding the right linens for your baby involves good old trial and error. Some babies may get a rash from flannel bedding, while others don’t do very well with woven cotton or wool. Modern baby bedding that is soft, comfortable, and gracious is always perfect, no matter what theme the motif has.

Modern Bedding with Character and Style

Modern bedding is just one aspect of interior design, and a home that is well-designed is comfortable and attractive. The right furnishings and accessories for a home come thanks to design firms that have visions of specific looks, and they often have a large inventory of everything from modern bedding to furniture to accents that all come together to create the idyllic setting in a home.
There are many multi-disciplinary design firms with expertise in graphic design, home décor, product design, outdoor fashion, and architecture and landscaping. These companies are popular because the products they have complement each other, and it makes it very easy to find an entire roomful of furnishings and accents that all coordinate and match without shopping with a dozen companies. Products that are high-quality and bold in design are quickly becoming popular with everyone who favors the contemporary or modern style of décor for their home.
The bedroom is one of the most intimate rooms of any home, and while some are decorated in a traditional matter, others are full of modern bedding that uses color, simple lines, bold shapes, and wide open spaces. Furniture that is sturdy and solid in construction as well as functional and attractive are the ultimate pieces not only for bedrooms, but for the entire home. The fabrics, colors, styles, and designs are endless when it comes to furnishings for the bedroom, and any bedroom needs the perfect modern bedding to complete its attractive look. Companies that specialize in modern bedding can help you pick out everything you need for the bedroom of your dreams.
The bedroom has served as a place for people to go to when they need a personal getaway from the hectic world of today, and it is important to have everything in that bedroom from furniture to the modern bedding fit the lifestyle and personality of the owner. Many people use the bedroom as a storage place for some things, so it is also important that pieces of furniture be functional as well as beautiful. Storage boxes that can fit underneath beds and closet organizers are some of the things that help. The modern bedding that people search for should be as pleasing and durable as possible, and should be able to be laundered easily, and the colors should be strong and fade-resistant.
Top designers around the globe are using modern bedding linens that are not only beautiful and comfortable, but are also organic and natural, too. Those linens that are free of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers are growing in popularity, especially when the bedroom that needs modern bedding is a child’s bedroom.

Home Decorating: Interior Design Mash Studios Style

Interior decorating and design for the home is something that some people have a real knack for, and some of the top designers in home style are found with Mash Studios. There are many different aspects of the way that a home looks and feels that must work together to create a look of comfort, sophistication, and style that good design is all about. Modern textiles in a home are something that can be done easily to improve the ambience of your home, and there are plenty of companies and designers that specialize in these exotic furnishings and textiles. Fabrics and furniture that combine color, aesthetic appeal, and function are the most highly sought-after improvements for a home.
The bedroom is one of the most popular rooms for redecorating in the home, and so is the living room or gathering room. Color coordination and layout are two considerations that have a large impact on the way a room looks and feels. There are a lot of fabrics and materials that are popular today, many of which are organic. Free from pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and chemical fertilizers, these textiles are proving to be important to people, especially those who seem to be sensitive to chemicals and allergens. Egyptian cotton is one fabric that is popular for a lot of reasons, one of them being that the cotton is so soft that it feels like silk. Even though the fabric is as smooth and soft as silk is, it is still machine washable and durable. Bedding that is reactive printed is popular too because the bright colors stay bright, even after dozens of washings.
For rooms in the home, the contemporary look follows the rules of smooth lines, simple fixtures, geometric shapes, and a lack of busy patterns. Fabrics and textiles for bedrooms and living rooms are available in light floral mixes, wide stripes, solid colors, and straight, simple shapes. Anything that you purchase for your home decorating needs to be pleasing to look at and comfortable to touch. The look of your home needs to complement your lifestyle and your personality, and should also be inviting to your guests. There are a lot of designs that are appropriate for adults, and there are also many that are attractive to children too. The bedroom of a child is the most important room to him, and the bed especially needs to be chosen with care. Along with that bed comes bedding, and designers have created bedding and linens for kids like comforters, cotton percale sheets, bed skirts, and other accessories that kids love.

Window Treatments in a Whole New Light

DwellStudio is known as a modern studio with incredible talents, and has come up with one of the cutest, most attractive, and most impressive innovations in window treatments that we’ve seen in a long time. Windows can be really difficult to work with when you are looking for treatments that are useful and attractive at the same time. What looks good in one room on a window does not necessarily look good on any or every window in the house. Fortunately, there are some really handy websites online like Bobby Berk Home’s site that carries DwellStudio bedding, linens, window treatments, and more to help us out.
Dressing the custom-sized windows in the house is always the most difficult, usually because custom-size windows require custom-size dressings. DwellStudios has come up with a fitting and stylish option for windows of all types and for all sizes. The hand-made laminated roller shades are knock-your-socks-off cute, and functional too. The shades are popular to add to windows to add style and fun to rooms, especially those bedrooms that belong to the kids.
These roller shades are available in a lot of different patterns, colors, and designs for young ones (or for anyone), and each one of them comes standard with continuous loop control, which keeps the shade steady and even as it goes up and down. There is a silver beaded chain that is used to roll it precisely, which is much easier than working with the two strings that blinds require you to pull.
There are many people who have fallen in love with these laminated roller shades because they are fun, they look great, simple to operate, and they also are easily cleaned and very durable. It is pretty common to see windows that don these roller shades that have been further customized by adding a valance or by adding an exposed bottom bar for style.
There are a couple of different options that people can choose from for the design of their shade, such as having a standard or reverse roll, and having the bottom bar sewn-in or exposed. All of the available options seem to be popular with people, and you’d have to see these shades to believe them! Gone are the days of the white window shades we had as kids; these are full of bright colors, attractive patterns, and as much style as you can stuff in the space of a window.

Simple Redecorating Tips that Won’t Cost You a Thing

With the arrival of Spring this year, people from one coast to another are searching for the best ways to improve the look of their homes without going broke doing it. In fact, many times people can completely change the feel and aesthetic attractiveness of an apartment, studio, townhouse, condo, or house without spending any money at all. Often the most useful advice comes to us from those that know us best and have had the same issues with organization and keeping things from getting cluttered, so ask around for tips and solutions from those whom you trust. In the meantime, here are a few simple home decorating tips that will liven up your space for no pennies lost at all.
First of all, it can be very surprising how dingy, dusty, and dirty things can get in a really short amount of time. Dust the baseboards, light fixtures, shelves, tables, and any other surface like the TV and entertainment center. You’ll see that it makes a huge difference just by doing this. You’ll breathe a little easier without all of that dust, too.
Next, clean mirrors and windows. You may not notice from day to day that the kids’ fingerprints have been smeared all over the back sliding door, but the problem is that anyone who doesn’t live in your home would certainly take note. Make it a point to stop and actually look at the surfaces in your home, as a guest would as they walked around; you may see things in a whole different light when you look at your modern home through a guest’s eyes.
Rearranging the things that you do have is one of the best and most effective ways to make a room look different and fresh. Why stop there? Really look at the pieces of furniture that you have in your entire home- why not mix pieces that are found in different rooms? Instead of just rearranging a room, mixing up the furniture of the entire place can be both fun and refreshingly decorative.
One of the most popular (and easiest) ways to redecorate on a shoestring budget is to decorate according to the seasons. For example, many people who have nice hardwood floors roll out carpets in the autumn season and keep them down all winter long to help warm the house. What you may want to consider, however, is pulling up all of these rugs and rolling them away to go bare-floored for the summer. When autumn comes again, you can pull them out and make the place feel really cozy and welcoming. These are just a few of the most common ideas that people routinely do to freshen up the look of their homes without breaking the bank, or even needing the bank at all.

Interior Decorating

Interior decorating involves more than finding the right furniture and accessories for the home, and you may need a design company with skilled designers to help you find everything you need to create that perfect look. There are a lot of firms that take a multi-disciplinary approach to decorating and home décor remodeling that can also advise homeowners on architecture and landscaping as well.
It is important to many people that the furniture, appliances, and home accents that decorate their homes are as worry-free and convenient as possible. There are many pieces of furniture that are aesthetically attractive that also double as storage units, such as beautiful benches that lift open to provide a place to hide things away in. Storage furniture is popular with everyone from kids to teens to parents, and the best part is that you don’t have to put up with ugly plastic boxes sitting in plain view to have storage available.
The most popular furniture for interior decorating is that which is functional, durable, and attractive as well. The demands of modern life are such that convenience is almost a necessity. The quality of strong, attractive furniture becomes not only an investment to care for but also a valuable asset to those that own it. There are many companies around the world that still hand craft their furnishings for the home in elegant styles and modern design while still maintaining the solid quality and expert workmanship that customers need. There are also many furniture makers that will also paint furniture and accessories according to their needs and personal preferences.
The whole point of interior decorating is to make a home look and feel welcoming, inviting, functional, and comfortable. When a home’s furnishings come together in a way that is uncluttered and structured while still being inviting and impressive, only then can a home feel truly welcoming and put together well. There are a lot of different motifs and themes that are popular this year for interior decorating, and for the most part the idea behind redecorating is to evoke a natural, relaxing look with earth tones and simple accents.

Modern Bedding for Children and Adults

With Spring having arrived for 2009, many people take it upon themselves to do a bit or remodeling and redecorating for their homes. One of the most popular rooms in the house to redecorate in the spring is the bedroom. Whether it is the kids’ bedrooms or your own master suite that needs a fresh, new look, modern bedding brings vibrant colors and soothing earth tones alike into the rooms that need to be brought up to par with the rest of the house.
Modern bedding for babies is full of simple, geometric patterns this year as well as the classic themes that we have seen for the last several years. There are, of course, some themes that seem to never die out in popularity such as Disney characters, animal themes like jungle and safari motifs, and also themes like Precious Moments and other child-oriented motifs are once again in. There are hundreds of different variations for nurseries that are popular this year, and there are also just as many different fabrics that are popular for modern bedding as there are patterns and themes.
The classic material for infants to sleep on of course is cotton, and organic materials are increasing in popularity with every year that passes. Organic materials should contain no harsh dyes or processed fibers in them, and should be as close to natural as possible. Speaking of natural, the earth tones and warm, neutral shades and colors that are en vogue this year are colors like sandstone, deep browns, sage greens, and pale yellows.
Those of us who are not infants enjoy many of the classic textiles like cotton with a new, luxurious twist. Egyptian cotton has become one of the softest and most popular materials for modern bedding today. People love all of the benefits of cotton, like being able to machine wash everything to the smoothness of silk. Other popular fabrics are other organic blends and dye-free materials. The general idea this season with modern bedding can be summed up in two words: simple and natural.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Designer Spotlight - Bernard Brucha

A Chicago native, Bernard graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Industrial Design. In 1995 he moved to New York City and began designing modern furniture, products and technology for firms like Dakota Jackson, Martha Stewart, Swid Powell, Siemens, Milder Office and Ion Design.

After establishing a strong portfolio and network of contacts, Bernard relocated to Los Angeles for a fresh West Coast start. While working as a project director for a custom office furniture manufacturer, Bernard oversaw the design and construction of facilities for clients such as Ogilvy & Mather, Toyota, MTV and Kenneth Cole.

In the dot com era Bernard saw a resurgence in design sensibilities which allowed his team to experiment and take advantage of creative liberties. But as the company matured and fell into a more corporate agenda, Bernard took the opportunity to make his exit and start what is now MASHstudios. Since founding MASHstudios Bernard has launched the modern furniture line, LAXSeries which has become popular with lovers of organic modern furniture.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Local Designer Feature: Ron Marvin - NYC

Ron Marvin has his own residential interior design firm based in New York City. His New York home has been featured in Metropolitan Home magazine, and on the HGTV show “Small Space Big Style”. After being featured on the show he was asked to join the show as an on-air expert.

Ron has also been featured in the New York Times. His San Francisco home was featured in Metropolitan Home Magazine and on the TV show “Decorating Cents”.

Prior to opening his firm, Ron worked in the creative industries for over 12 years. Working in the visual merchandising departments of such companies as Gap, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Hold Everything, and Williams-Sonoma Home. He has influenced the way these stores look through visual merchandising, store design, styling and art direction for in-store marketing.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Tasteful Modern Platform Bed

For decades a bed has always been just a good old American bed. However, we have been witnessing a growth in the first major trend overhaul in bedroom furniture that we have seen in a long time. Instead of the box spring and top mattress that have been required, many people are instead going for a modern platform bed. The platform that a mattress sits on is made usually of hardened plastic or woods of different types. There are many different styles of platform beds, and what makes them so different from the beds that we have all used for years is the fact that there is no box spring (the platform replaces the box spring) and these beds are much lower to the floor than the traditional styles.
The modern or contemporary platform beds are taken from the Asian tradition of having furniture low to the floor. The platform bed goes right along with current trends today that follow simple lines and solid, smooth detail. Lavishness and tons of intricate detail have no place in today’s trends and styles. A platform bed requires a spring mattress, which is more expensive than a regular one. However, there is no box spring that needs to be bought. There are platform beds that come with different types of headboards, different types of legs, and there are pieces that are made of all different kinds of woods and plastics.
Even though platform beds are simple in design, you still need to make sure that the piece that you pick out complements your tastes and your personality. Since the beds do cost more than the traditional 2-piece mattress set beds, you’ll want to make sure that the furniture that you pick out will be some that you will love for years. You can find beautiful platform beds on many auction sites online, at factory warehouses, in furniture showrooms, and on e-store websites on the Internet as well. Many fine stores also have inventory of coordinating linens and accent pieces that will complement the style of bed that you choose.

The New Simplicity of Modern Baby Bedding

People are always searching out the latest trends in décor, and bedding is an important factor in the overall look of any bedroom, whether it is a nursery or an adult’s room. This year one of the biggest trends in bedding is that of both retro and modern décor, which in some respects are one in the same. The simple, smooth lines that are customary of modern styles have a certain similarity with the retro furniture styles of decades ago.
For years and years, the trend in baby bedding has been centered around patterns and prints. Even though there are still many popular designs that enlist these qualities, we are seeing a growing popularity of solids and simple, wide stripes. Some of the patterns and prints that are popular are jungle themes, angels, and baby animals. The simple décor includes things like stripes in two complementary alternating colors, simple geometric shapes, and solid colors.
Colors that are bright and vivid are positive stimulants for infants, but too much of a good thing is not always better. Be sure that the theme that you choose for your infant’s nursery is not overwhelming. It can be tricky to find colors that are soothing, stimulating, and not overwhelming all at the same time, but they key here is to use solid colors in large areas and little accents in the small ones. It is easy to overdo the décor of a nursery, but keep in mind that these days with the retro modern simplicity, less is always more.

The LAX Series: Green Furniture for your Home

These days, anything that has to do with helping the environment seems to be the politically correct way to do things, and purchasing green furniture for your home is not only environmentally-responsible, but it is also a growing trend in modern home décor. Green furniture may have referred to the color green decades ago, but today the term “green” refers to something that is natural, not synthetic, environmentally-friendly, recyclable, and globally responsible.
The LAX Series boasts of classic modern designs for their furniture that somehow is able to be both timeless and freshly trendy at the same time. The company uses only the best materials for their furniture. The furniture is very durable, well-built, and will last for decades, which is part of what makes it so environmentally safe Not only that, but no formaldehyde glue is used on the company’s furniture, the company uses as much product as possible before discarding any scraps, and they employ the skill of the most talented designers. The LAX series of furniture is made from engineered wood so that the usable materials from every tree are used any time it is possible. The company also uses a natural oil finish on their products instead of a chemical or synthetic one. Any finish that they do use is VOC-free and solvent-free. The doors that they use on many of their products are always 100% recyclable as well. Included in their collections are things like beds, dressers, shelves, and the like.
This company has been one of the leaders in design for the contemporary/modern age, and the pieces that are made have simple, contoured lines and shapes so that each piece does not go unnoticed, but the company stresses that successfully-designed furniture should never overpower a room, either. If you are in the market for green furniture that is simple and streamlined, The Lax Series may have the perfect pieces for you.

The designs of today that are featured in the Dwell bedding line are evolutionary, revolutionary, and fresh all at the same time. The collections are all representative of Dwell’s commitment to elegantly modern luxury, and the company’s original techniques, designs, colors, and patterns are uniquely charming.
Many consider the company’s designs as timeless, yet innovative trends in home décor. One of the most popular qualities about Dwell is that the linens and accents are quite versatile. Many of the company’s products can be used in many different rooms to serve as accents for many different pieces of furniture. For example, their pillows can accentuate a bed, sofa, or a chair, and they even look fashionable as throw pillows on the floor.
In late 2007 DwellStudio was launched, which combined Dwellbaby, Dwellkids, Dwell, and Dwelltable lines into one larger brand. Home décor that is rooted in modern prints is why many people who want their home to have a simple look turn to Dwell for their furnishings.
The consistently high quality that their products display is evident in linens like their 100% Egyptian cotton, 320 thread count sheet sets. Although this type of cotton has been used for hundreds of years, Dwell incorporates their new world designs into the style of old world ideas.
In addition to fine bedding, Dwell is also well-known for their table linens, their pillows, their flatware, towels, and many other things from stationery to wall art. The unique mix of old design ideas with fresh new décor is what makes Dwell home furnishings in a league of their own. The colors are often bright, and the patterns are many times geometric in origin which is both aesthetically pleasing and stimulating. Their lines for babies, kids, and adults alike are very popular, and are gaining more recognition with the evolution of contemporary, simple decorating trends.

Matteo Bedding: Luxurious, Masculine, and Saturated in Tone

Matteo bedding comes from Matthew Lenoci, who founded the company in 1996. Lenoci, who is a Harvard graduate, began his firm with the idea of “simple sheets from the most luxurious textiles in the world”. The small Los Angeles company is making giant strides in the global design markets, and retailers can now be found in different countries across the globe.
There are three different design lines with Matteo: Due, Guest, and Matteo. The fabrics that they use for their products are sewn in Los Angeles, but are woven in Italy. The sheets are some of the most popular products that have evolved from the company, and they come in heavy 100% cotton, they are garment washed, and the colors that are used in addition to white are heavy, saturated, “manly” colors, which guys and girls both find aesthetically stimulating and attractive.
There are more things than just sheets that are turned out by this small design powerhouse such as duvets, shams, quilts, blankets, throws, and even bed skirts. It has been said that the attention to every detail that is paid by Matteo sets its bedding apart from other contenders that are out there. With the design studio right next to where the textiles are sewn and fabricated, the company and its products are just soaked with Los Angeles charisma. Quality control meets production in a classy and strong relationship with this design firm.
In addition to the heavy cotton that is used for many of the products, other natural fibers that are popular are Peruvian alpaca, Nepalese cashmere, Baltic flax, and Egyptian cotton. Many loyal customers find that the cutting edge technology that is used in design today complements the collective wisdom of Italian fabric mills that has been used for centuries nicely with Matteo bedding. The fabric mills of Italy that supply the company with the textiles and fabrics are among the most renowned mills in all of the country.
Although the products that are available can be found throughout the world, they are exclusively distributed by elite interior designers and specialty stores, and a visit to the company website will offer users a page to find the nearest store to them. From New York to Los Angeles and across the oceans, Matteo bedding is giving design lovers, especially men, the chance to dominate the fashion industry with simple, yet strong designs and solid colors that roll everything into elegance that has been unseen so far in linen design.

Elegant Summer Cookouts with Eva Solo Spring Collections

Eva Solo products are Danish in origin, and combine quality with functionality in a way that is useful and aesthetically gratifying. The firm’s main focus is on utensils for the home, especially for the kitchen, and each piece is designed with a sense of the customer that will be using it. There are hundreds of simple, yet stunning pieces in the home collections, and this spring there are a few that are being introduced that are geared towards grilling and picnicking.
First up is the very popular Eva Solo table grill. The grill was first launched in 2006, and since that time has won many different recognitions as an “innovative, modern outdoor grill”. This season the little grill that says a lot is being offered in a new and stylish color, and is also available in white as well. The design is intended to be both functional and attractive to look at, too. Fireproof porcelain is what it is made from, and it has a strong handle for transporting from place to place. The grill is set on the ground or on a table, and it uses lit charcoal to make barbeque for the summer. What many people really enjoy about the grill is the little trivet that it stands on, keeping it from directly contacting surfaces.
The grill is easily moved, so convenience is a big bonus with this little guy. Along with the grill is an Eva Solo water flask, which is suitable for storing drinks, whether they are hot or cold. This is the picnic flask, and it is being offered in a new 1-liter size. It is double walled for insulation purposes, is made of stainless steel, and has a strap that is mounted in the lid to make it easy to carry. There are two style versions that are available to choose from- one is a matte version with a black strap, and the other is a glossed version with a red strap.
Just a few months ago in November of 2008, the smaller version of the flask won the highly-coveted iF Product Design Award. This award is recognized worldwide as being earned by those products that are aesthetically attractive, very high in quality, and also very functional as well. To round out these featured highlights of the Spring 2009 collection here is the new Eva Solo grill flatware, a handful of different variations of the popular grill plate, and also the Eva Solo grill dish. These are just some of the products that have made Eva Solo one of the top names in grilling “fashion”, as well as in décor for the entire home, especially when it has to do with cooking in the kitchen.

Amenity Creates Useful, Beautiful Décor as Reflections of Nature

Amenity is a design studio that is based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2004 with the intent to bring the peace of their youth into urban homes, Amenity is the idea of longtime friends Kristina de Corpo and Nicole Chiala. Creating useful and attractive everyday items for the home is the basis of the studio, and the focus is the tranquility that represents childhood. Corpo and Chiala are two graphic designers, and were in love with the idea of blending modern design with nature. The training in textile design is said to be very restrictive and almost “by the book”, but the two friends had a vision, and they followed that vision and transformed it into their first collection. This collection’s design featured large-sized silhouettes of simple natural occurrences that were drawn by hand by Kristina and were individually printed as well.
The studio’s bedding, characterized by warm earth tones, shiny metallics, and textured linens, was the beginning of Amenity, but it didn’t take long before their line expanded to include pillows and prints that expanded beyond the bedroom. Corpo and Chiala use environmentally friendly dyes, and have been right from the very beginning. They also use natural, minimally-processed fibers, and with this, they launched their organic bedding collection in 2006. What was really special about the collection was that it was the pair’s first certified organic collection, and with its success, was not to be the last.
The founders of Amenity have always been environmentally conscientious, and in addition to using eco-friendly dyes and natural fibers, they have also always produced their items and products locally. They now have transitioned their collection of accessories to using organic fibers as well, and their goal of using their organic designs on organic materials exclusively has now been fulfilled. Nicole and Kristina are committed to maintaining their company’s harmony with the environment, and with each year comes more ways that they bring the peace of nature into the modern décor and contemporary lifestyle of today.
New artwork is the basis of the designs here, as their childhood daydreams of sleeping on treetops became the designs that appeared on bedding textiles, and were quite unlike anything else that was “hot” on the market at the time. 2008 brought with it the introduction of hand-woven alpaca throw blankets and the Muir bed, which is made locally from reclaimed Douglas fir trees and is designed by Nicole. Amenity continues not only to grow and expand, but also to lead the world of simple and elegant design in a way that compliments the modern trend in design flawlessly.

The Mastermind behind Jefdesigns is Changing Design, One Man at a Time

Jefdesigns is a design studio out of Portland, Oregon. This is unlike many other studios, however, in that it is a one man operation. Actually, it is one man and his dog. Joe Futschik is the designer and owner of this fresh company, and his goal is to turn out simple designs that are altogether bold and modern. He turns out everything from lightbox paintings and hand made wooden lamps to purses and handbags. Another way that Joes company is unique is that he is, for the most part, self taught in design.

Futschik relies on his gut instincts for his work, and whatever it is that inspires him at a given time is what he pursues, no matter what the medium is. The result of these tactics is a collection of objects of any and all uses that are still related to each other by identical attention to colors, light, and form design. His designs and products are available at many retail locations throughout the United States, and there are many more online retailers that carry his designs as well.

Some of the most eager types of establishments that have sought out their designs have been many bars, hotels, corporations, restaurants, and also many private homes as well. The company famously works with many in the interior design and architecture trades, and the companys products have been commissioned for many projects all over the world.

Some of the newest additions to the ultra modern, super simple design firm are recent partnerships for licensed printed images on canvas and on paper, and there are also many new pillows, plates and dishes, and custom handbags that are in the works as well. The company is always interested in teaming up with other professionals in the business that share the same visions and developing partnerships with manufacturers to expand the lines of textiles, rugs, and stationery.

Even though they enjoy success in design now, it did not always happen as such for Joe Futschik. He earned his degree in fine art, and unfortunately for a while the only things that it led him to were jobs waiting tables! He moved to Portland, Oregon, and finally began to build his dream as a professional designer. From his table lamps to his lightbox paintings, the creator has shown a strong track record of captivating with calm order in a world where busy otherwise reigns supreme.

Grilling in Style- Less is More

There is one word this season that describes the design trends in everything from modern baby bedding to cooking: Simple. The looks for 2009 do not have too many colors, they do not have too many shapes, and everything is large. As popular as grilling is in the USA, it has been quite a while since brilliant new designs have come along having to do with grills, aprons, or spatulas. That has all changed this year, thanks to talented design firm Eva Solo.
The very popular Eva Solo table grill fits right in with this year’s simple design trends, and was first launched in 2006. The convenient, easy-to-carry grill is available in white or black, and has a simple, bucket shape to it. It is made of fire-proof porcelain, and has won many awards around the world for not only being functional, but being aesthetically appealing, too. This modern design table grill also comes with a nifty little trivet to rest upon to keep it off of surfaces.
Eva Solo also has quite an impressive line of tools, utensils, and accessories to go along with the table grill. Elegantly understated grilling flatware, the company’s grill plate (in several attractive variations), and the Eva Solo grill dish are available to complete the classy outdoor cooking look. If there never was a fashion trend that had anything to do with grilling before, there sure is now.

Refreshingly Simple Contemporary and Modern Bedding

Finally Spring is upon us, and many avid decorators have been waiting eagerly for the time to change up the look of the bedrooms in their houses. Many people do switch the décor in their bedrooms as the seasons change, with rich jeweled hues in the fall, light pastel colors in the spring, bold solids in the summer, and anything warm during the winter. There are a lot of great designers that have simply awesome modern bedding collections for this spring, such as Dwell Bedding, Matteo, and DwellStudio Bedding. These design firms offer solid colors, simple geometric patterns, and sophisticated designs.

Texture seems to be more emphasized this season than in previous ones. Whether it is a soft, fuzzy feel or a more rigid, solid touch, there seems to be a trend in using texture in place of colored detail for the spring. Large, simple designs and silhouettes are popping up within the creations of top designers, and nature seems to be playing a big role for the season as well. Flowers have been and probably always will be one of the most popular design schemes for bedding, whether it is roses for the master suite or daisies for baby décor. Flowers are once again big for 2009, but in a completely different way. Instead of hundreds of tiny rosebuds scattered all over a comforter, one or two very large, solid-colored lilies are featured instead along with a few large strands of grass of the same color, for example.

Going right along with the “nature” idea are fabrics and textiles that are completely organic being used by top designers. Natural, minimally-processed fibers along with eco-friendly dyes can be found on designers’ websites from Milan to New York to Oregon….yes, Oregon. The whole idea this year is to get back to simplicity and natural design- surf the Web to see these brilliant motifs for yourself.