Thursday, April 30, 2009

Simple Redecorating Tips that Won’t Cost You a Thing

With the arrival of Spring this year, people from one coast to another are searching for the best ways to improve the look of their homes without going broke doing it. In fact, many times people can completely change the feel and aesthetic attractiveness of an apartment, studio, townhouse, condo, or house without spending any money at all. Often the most useful advice comes to us from those that know us best and have had the same issues with organization and keeping things from getting cluttered, so ask around for tips and solutions from those whom you trust. In the meantime, here are a few simple home decorating tips that will liven up your space for no pennies lost at all.
First of all, it can be very surprising how dingy, dusty, and dirty things can get in a really short amount of time. Dust the baseboards, light fixtures, shelves, tables, and any other surface like the TV and entertainment center. You’ll see that it makes a huge difference just by doing this. You’ll breathe a little easier without all of that dust, too.
Next, clean mirrors and windows. You may not notice from day to day that the kids’ fingerprints have been smeared all over the back sliding door, but the problem is that anyone who doesn’t live in your home would certainly take note. Make it a point to stop and actually look at the surfaces in your home, as a guest would as they walked around; you may see things in a whole different light when you look at your modern home through a guest’s eyes.
Rearranging the things that you do have is one of the best and most effective ways to make a room look different and fresh. Why stop there? Really look at the pieces of furniture that you have in your entire home- why not mix pieces that are found in different rooms? Instead of just rearranging a room, mixing up the furniture of the entire place can be both fun and refreshingly decorative.
One of the most popular (and easiest) ways to redecorate on a shoestring budget is to decorate according to the seasons. For example, many people who have nice hardwood floors roll out carpets in the autumn season and keep them down all winter long to help warm the house. What you may want to consider, however, is pulling up all of these rugs and rolling them away to go bare-floored for the summer. When autumn comes again, you can pull them out and make the place feel really cozy and welcoming. These are just a few of the most common ideas that people routinely do to freshen up the look of their homes without breaking the bank, or even needing the bank at all.

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