Monday, September 15, 2008

Bobby Berk Home Featured Artist: Julian Lesser

Bobby Berk Home is proud to announce our latest featured artist, Julian Lesser. Julian's work is available for purchase at our SoHo New York City location as well as at

Note from the Artist:


I paint because I must, because I have to. I want to create beauty and express myself in this world where so much is forgotten and falls by the wayside.

I do my best not to forget or ignore. Painting is record-keeping; it is a cataloging of time. It’s a proof of my effort to live and of time spent. Therefore, my purpose as a painter is one of self-preservation and self-expression, with a desire to create a record of time and change the world.

I want to touch the world. I want to make an impact on the earth. When I was a boy, my vision for change was so grand and overzealous; I set myself up for failure. But now I see that things must happen in small waves. Changing the world means starting with myself. I must begin with one small painting, but still think about filling museums.

Think big, start small… think big, act real.