Friday, April 29, 2011

The British Are Coming!

Naked Decor's Princess Pillow

Merry old England and her charming subjects have always been a fun source of inspiration for artists and designers, and it seems that her colours have recently been circling the roundabout that is our ever-changing world of home d├ęcor. Today we feature some smashing selections from our collection that will leave you chuffed to bits.

Alice Supply Co has made a name for themselves with their bright, colourful line of housewares, and they have jumped onto the British craze with their new Britannia Toolbox ($60) and matching Dustpan & Brush Set ($40) and Garden House ($40). Sporting the colours of the British flag, the wares will add an energetic flare to your home.

Blissliving Home's Double Decker Bus Pillow
Naked Decor has also taken part in the British Invasion with their fun line of pillows. Have a kip in front of the telly with the Tower Bridge Pillow ($50). The Prince ($50) and Princess ($50) pillows will add a regal touch to your home, and are perfect for the prince's upcoming big day in London. If mild shades of blue aren't your cup of tea, the Live Like a Queen ($50) and Big Ben ($50) pillows feature the traditional bright red of the British flag.
Alice Supply Co Britannia Toolbox

Blissliving Home has a great line of British-themed pillows as well. Check out their Phone Booth Pillow ($85), Post Box Pillow ($85), and Double Decker Bus ($85). They also have a collection of London-themed things for the home, such as their London Window Panels ($165 - $185), Duvet Set ($65 - $485), and more.

Finally, if you're looking to give your walls that British touch, BINTH has a smashing London Wall Print ($38), or if you prefer artwork with typography, Publique Living features the London LHR Airport Wall Print ($125).

For more selections, check out all of our British-themed wares at our website. Cheers!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bring Out The Kid in You

David Weeks Small Cubebot

We at Bobby Berk Home feel that a person's love for toys shouldn't have to dwindle with age, which is why today we're featuring toys for grown-ups!

David Weeks features some interesting wooden animal figures whose figurative geometric shapes instill within them a certain liveliness. Ursa the Bear ($125) and Hanno the Gorrila ($85) have some very impressive artistic qualities, and their solid construction makes them highly posable and impervious to chips and breaks. Smaller versions Ursa Minor ($85) and Hanno Jr. ($65) are available as well.

If you like David Weeks's work, you will also love Karl Zahn's collection of fun animal-shaped wooden boxes. Check out his llama ($49) and polar bear ($49) boxes

Harry Allen has a few amusing objets that will appeal to people who love classical decor. The Roller Book Stop ($130) looks great when propped against aged books, but also serves as a handy door stop. His classic Bank in the Form of a Pig ($125 - $200) has an oddly mature feel to it, which is great for grown-ups. His Silicone Key Keychain ($19) is a fun gift for people who daydream of adventures with a Gothic church key.
The Roller Book Stop by Reality by Harry Allen
Know any explorers or world adventurers? Pick up a Singgih Kartono Compass ($24) and one of Blissliving Home's Explorer Illuminated Earthsphere ($289), a perfect combination for the classicist. For those looking for something a little more contemporary, the Sphere also comes in Clear Blue ($239) and Clear Silver ($239).

Last but certainly not least, Francois Dallegret has an interesting toy called the Atomix ($48) that's worth checking out. For more fun toys and gadgets, head over to our website!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back to the Great Outdoors

John Beck Decorative Fire Cube

After being holed up indoors for a few wintry months, there are few things as refreshing as stepping outside and taking in a cool breeze and warm sunshine. With warmer weather on its way, now is a great time to start looking for the right furniture and decor for the spring and summer months ahead.

Linvin has been a hot seller this year, and they are an outstanding choice when it comes to outdoor decor. Their Queen of Love in Fancy Army ($895) is fitting for the hot summer months, and goes great with their matching Little Prince of Love ($450) and Pot of Love ($119). Arktura offers some chic additions to your porch or backyard with their Coral Coffee Table ($1,990) and matching Side Table ($840), available in an assortment of colors.

John Kelly has dining arrangements covered with their signature Rho Table, available in Square ($1,445) and Circle ($1,305) forms, and matching Dining Armchairs ($575). Also in the Rho series is the Rho Chaise Lounge ($1,400) and the Rho Lounge Chair ($575).

Check out our entire lineup of outdoor decor on our website!

Monday, April 11, 2011

How To Brighten Up Your Day

Design House Stockholm Block Lamp- Black

Lighting is a critical part of any living space. All it takes is an ugly lamp or a wrong light bulb to break the warm atmosphere of a cozy home. Today we'll take a look at some exceptional table lamps from our collection. Check this out!

Design House Stockholm features the Block Lamp ($129), a fine example of how simplicity can be awe-inspiring. The Mini-Cord Lamp ($139) shares this same industrial-modern aesthetic, and is equally impressive. Their Box Light ($275) is a great choice for anyone who likes this style of simplicity but prefer something a little less exposed.

Barbara Cosgrove Lamps will tickle your fancy if you adore a classy, luxurious Park Avenue aesthetic. Silver Gourds ($399) was featured on an episode of The Apprentice, featuring Martha Stewart! Art buffs will love how the Monolith ($350) and Hour Glass ($425) both fuse class and luxury with modernity.

Alex Marshall Studios has an interesting selection of lamps with sculpted ceramic bases whose aesthetics add a touch of elegance to any room, and invoke a kind of coziness that is unique to tropical living spaces. Check out their Cylinder Lamp ($189) and Rectangular Lamp ($225).

Take a look at our entire collection of table lamps on our website!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Music to Your Ears

Sonoro Eklipse Black

When designing your dream home, music has a significant effect on the overall look and feel of your living spaces. It can make a home more cozy, more luxurious, more artsy, or whatever tickles your fancy. Since most conventional radios can compromise the visual aesthetic of a particular design or theme, you may be in the market for a radio that will provide the sound you're looking for without standing out like a sore thumb. Here are some interesting picks from our collection that will fit soundly in your home.

Sonoro is the proud maker of the Cubo ($299) series. True to its name, the Cubo features a cube-like design with a modern tech-age frontal display. Smoothly-rounded edges, silver panels, and a bright outer color makes the Cubo a great addition to contemporary homes. Also comes in Maple and Cherry wood finishes for those who prefer a more classical appearance.

Singgih Kartono is the brain behind the Magno radio series. The heavy use of wood finishes on these handmade radios give them a warm aesthetic that compliments the Magno's fusion of modern and classical design elements. Comes in Large ($300), Micro ($150), and everything in-between.

From Philippe Starck comes their signature Parrot Speakers ($1,600). These standing speakers come with an iPod dock and remote control, and are visually impressive with their curvy contour and elegant colors. Their capacity for audio is also equally impressive; your music will come in loud and clear.

Check out our entire lineup of electronics at our website!

Friday, April 1, 2011

GUEST POST: Jaime Derringer from Design Milk

This week, we have the distinct pleasure to post an article written by Jaime Derringer, the fabulously chic and always design-forward force behind Design Milk and Design Milk's sister site, Dog Milk. Jaime's blogs cover everything that is new and fresh in the design world, from art and architecture to fashion and technology. Today Jaime shares with us her selection from Bobby Berk Home of her favorite in modern black and white home decor: elegant and never dull.

Check back often for more blog posts from esteemed members of our design community- posted the first of every month!


Last month, Capree talked all about color. She's good at that, but me -- not so much. I tend to gravitate toward the black and white. Although I admit that I need to work on accepting color into my life, I don't think there's anything wrong with sticking with a monochromatic palette. Just because you like it plain doesn't mean it needs to be bland, boring, stark, cold or blah.  

Here's an example of how you can keep your minimal color scheme (or lack of color scheme) and make it interesting. First, wood isn't a no-no in a black and white room. It adds warmth, which is why I like the Misewell Conrad table. Another way you can escape the Black and White blahs is to add contrasting patterns such as graphic pieces like the Narvik II and Kalmar I pillows from Rouge du Rhin and a more traditional damask Thomas Paul rug. The most important part of decorating your home is that you inject your personality into it -- and keep it fun.

2. Jack of Spades, Queen of Spades and King of Spades Wall Art ($48 Each)
3. Parrot Speakers ($1,600)
6. Damask Rug by Thomas Paul ($265 to $1,430)
8. Rillo Vases - Round and Bottle ($79 Each)