Monday, November 9, 2009

Tips for Finding Modern Home Décor

Shopping for modern home décor can be a lot of fun, especially if you follow a few established tips conducive to a successful shopping trip. Many people have an idea in their heads about what they want to put into their houses and what style they want to use, but many have no idea how to go about finding those things. The first thing you need to do is to start with a budget. This is of course incredibly important because you do not want to go far into debt just to have a decorated house, but at the same time you will want to find the best products and pieces for what you can afford. Although some people think furniture is the most expensive part of redecorating, it often can actually be the accessories. Many people tend to go too much over budget, and they often make several mistakes when shopping that end up costing quite a lot of money.
Draw up a plan when it comes to shopping for modern home décor. List exactly what you are looking for, how much you can spend and where you think you might want to look for those things. Be honest about the things that you need. If you come across something you like but do not need, be honest with yourself and keep it on the shelf. Sticking with your plan and your budget will ensure not only that you not overstuff your rooms but will also save you a lot of money. One easy solution to improving the ambience of a home is to change the lighting. Lighting is very important in setting the mood - lots of natural, bright lighting can really improve the look of modern contemporary homes, and dim, soft lighting can increase the romantic and cozy feel of a home that is more antique in décor. Something a little bit different from trends of the past when it comes to using colors and materials is to use items that purposely do not match. For decades it had been very correct to match everything, but modern home décor calls for purposely mismatched items that make a statement. Using a black pub table with oak chairs and using plastic materials along with different woods are all part of creating unusual, unique and beautiful rooms using excellent modern home décor throughout every room in the home.

Designer Bed Accessories on Sale

Finding designer bed accessories for great prices is absolutely possible when you search on the Internet during your shopping. Many more people than ever before are finding that the Internet is like a treasure trove of anything and everything that they could ever hope to find. Designer products can be found at retail store websites, private seller websites, wholesale sites, classified ad listing websites and auction sites as well as many other kinds. If you are in the market for anything you may need for your home, your best bet is to get on the Internet and shop away.
If you are looking for brand new furnishings, you may find that you often end up paying more for products out of pocket than you would if you went to a traditional brick and mortar store. This is mostly because on top of the actual prices for the products themselves, consumers often have to pay shipping charges as well. If furniture is bulky or large and heavy, the fee for shipping may very well be hundreds of dollars. However, many people enjoy finding handed down goods or antiques that have been around for a while, and these can also be found for very cheap prices. Depending on what you are looking for, you can find all kinds of things at resale stores, thrift stores, second-hand stores and more. The Internet literally brings the global marketplace to your living room, and it can be a lot of fun and very easy to find everything online. Although many antique stores and thrift stores do not have websites online, there are plenty of auction sites that have tons of great items as well as classified ad listings.
One of the neatest things about shopping for bed accessories is that many people don’t even realize they’re sitting on treasure troves of objects. Many times people who know better and know the secret treasures of shopping for bed accessories are able to find incredible deals on even the most priceless of objects often hidden in the most unlikely of places. Don’t shy away from different sites or judge a book by its cover, because you never know what treasures are hidden in those websites. If you are looking for something specific or particular, keep searching online for it very often, and one day you may come across it for an excellent price. Incredible discoveries are made on the Internet every day, and nowhere is it more evident that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Bed accessories of all kinds can be found in all kinds of conditions, and while many are brand new and never used, others that suit people are old treasures just waiting to be discovered.

Finding Modern Bed Linens that are Cheap and Stylish

Modern bed linens today are available in all kinds of sizes, styles, colors, patterns and materials, so with so many different choices and options it can get pretty confusing pretty quickly when you are trying to find the best looks for your home. Whether you are shopping for products for your baby, your children or for yourself, you will want to make sure to find products that are affordable, made with high quality materials, able to resist staining, are easy to clean and look really great at the same time. Fortunately, materials with all of these qualities are becoming easier to find and more accessible than ever before.
Most of the popular modern bed linens have been traditionally made of 100 percent cotton, although some of the other popular materials are silk, sateen, polyester and others. It is always best to make sure any type of bedding you buy for your room or any other bedroom in the house fits well and is the correct size. For safety reasons this is especially true of blankets and sheets that are used for infants and very small children so that they do not become entangled in the bedding and suffocate. With younger kids too it is usually advisable to use modern bedding that is stain-resistant, just to make sure that it lasts as long as you will need it to. No matter what age group you are shopping for, you will want to make sure that you find materials that are not only durable but are also super cozy and comforting as well as cool if it is summertime or warm if it is during the winter. In fact, many people actually have different sets and materials that they use and change depending on the weather and the season. If you are interested in sticking with more natural fabrics, you may end up paying a little more than you would for standard materials, but using organic cotton and other fibers is popular because no harsh toxins or chemicals that are used during the growing, harvesting or manufacturing processes. These chemicals and toxins actually soak into the skin of the person wearing them, no matter how many times the material has been washed. Color combination, materials, patterns and sizes are all important things to consider when you are searching for modern bed linens for anyone and everyone in your family.

Looking for Perfect Modern Throw Pillows

Modern throw pillows bring so much style and color into a room that the style of today is to use them in places other than just in the bedroom. Having these little accessories in different areas can bring to life any room that just seems to be missing that certain “something”. Many of the traditional places for them have in the past been sitting on the bed in the bedroom, resting on the sofa in the living room, and maybe in front of a fireplace during chilly months for people to sit on. Enhancing other atmospheres in the home is pretty easy too with these little items.
The characteristics of modern throw pillows is that they are not necessarily for comfort purposes to be used during napping or sleeping but instead intended for decorative purposes only. Adding a splash of color to perk up a corner or to bring together the different furnishings and accents of a room is totally the use of these little gems. There are tons of different designs that are popular for these little items, including patterns on the fabrics themselves, rhinestones, tassels, designs, pictures, cords, seams, beads and other things. Although traditionally these modern throw pillows have only been used in a couple of places, these days they are used in every corner of the home, no matter what room it is. Having them tucked in the corner of the entryway or on the screened in porch makes an inviting approach for people to see as they enter a house.
Large modern throw pillows are great to sit on next to a warm fire or in front of a big bookshelf, so placing them around these areas on the floor are also very inviting and welcoming. Tons of different designers and manufacturers design all kinds of these cushions, and although many people prefer to have brand new items for their homes there are plenty of other people who prefer to save a lot of money and go shopping at resale stores, thrift stores and even on auction sites on the Internet. Most of the cushions most popular are available in sizes about sixteen to eighteen inches; this is considered a standard size. There are also many different shapes available, like bolster shapes, squares, rectangles, ovals, circles, balls and others too. Just be careful if you already have a lot of accessories that you are using throughout a room- you don’t want to use too many modern throw pillows on floors, chairs and couches because you will just make the room look cluttered and even tacky, no matter how pretty the pillows may be.

Affordable Baby Bedding for Cribs, Cradles and Bassinets

Finding baby bedding for your child’s nursery can be fun, exciting and very fulfilling. When you are trying to decide on a particular pattern for the crib, cradle or bassinet in your home, it is easy to become overwhelmed at all of the possibilities and different options you have for the décor. Even though some people may not fully appreciate the work involved with choosing the right baby bedding, new parents often embrace the opportunity to furnish the perfect room for their new perfect little one.
Although there are a lot of different materials for the blankets and sheets that will go into the bed, the most popular by far is cotton. Long known for durability, strength, and easy care as a fabric, one of the new options for cotton that has taken the world by storm as the green environmental movement has taken on momentum is to use organic cotton for sheets and blankets as well as for clothing, layettes, toys and other fabrics. This organic cotton is not grown, harvested or manufactured with any toxic chemicals, which means none are absorbed by baby’s skin as the clothing is worn or as they sleep in the bedding. There are different options available for cribs of all types, cradles, bassinets, play yards and other types of beds, so here is a quick rundown of some tips for purchasing the best products for your child.
For the crib, you will need durable, strong materials that are in attractive patterns and colors - your new infant will likely spend a lot of time in his or her crib. Be sure to choose products that are made for your particular type of crib, because there are portable cribs, standard cribs, travel cribs and more. Some of the portable crib stuff and travel crib gear is smaller than standards, so buying the wrong size can be a nasty mistake. For bassinets, be aware that the baby bedding is small, because these tiny beds are only suitable for children up to three or four months of age. The same rule applies with cradles, so be sure that you purchase products that are specifically for those types of beds. Using products that do not fit right can not only look bad but can also be dangerous because the infants can become tangled in baby bedding and suffocate or become injured.

Shopping for Modern Home Accessories

The only way to truly finish redecorating a house and finalize the look you’ve been dreaming of is to furnish it with excellent modern home accessories. Fortunately, whether you have an unlimited budget or very precise limits, you will find plenty of places to find fashionable furnishings at prices that are next to nothing. You don’t have to spend a huge fortune to make your house look like it is worth a fortune, and many people consider this little rule to be one of the best kept secrets in the interior design industry.
Some of the most popular places to find these items that can finish your redecorating include thrift stores, resale stores, flea markets, garage sales and on the Internet, too. One of the nicest things about the Internet is that it easily and quickly brings the world to users who are looking for anything and everything. Modern home accessories can be found at private seller websites, national auction websites, classified ad websites, wholesale retailer websites and more. What is really impressive is that with the whole green movement that is in full swing across the globe, many of the world’s top designers are actually turning to these second hand places to find their own perfect finishing touches for the houses of their clients and customers. Unlike furniture, a lot of little accent pieces do not necessarily have to be super high quality, expensive or durable. Even though contemporary styles of today demand clean rooms and no clutter, a room still never really looks complete without great little modern home accessories to pull everything together. Using bright colors and bold solids is a great way to brighten up a room quickly, easily and inexpensively.
Even though it is fun and exciting when you are out shopping for the right pieces for your home, it is important that you do not just pick up any old thing that you find. Having a theme, a particular idea or knowing how to mix and match items is essential. You have to think of your budget, which areas of your house need furnishings, and you also have to choose items that are appropriate for your home. For example, if you have small children running around that can get into everything, you will want to be sure to avoid modern home accessories that can easily break or injure the child.

Modern Kids Bedding You Will Love

Parents and family members of the fashionable kids today want the best modern kids bedding without paying tons of dollars for it. Choosing a great set can be stressful, especially if you are on a budget- but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing what you are looking for is a good start, but you will also need to know where to look for it to get the best prices on the hottest products that your children will love. Any set that you choose should have many different qualities to it to ensure that it will not only last a long time but that it will also look great as long as it lasts. The sets need to be practical but also modern and fashionable at the same time. Fortunately there are tons of great designers and stores that have a wide variety of excellent sets to choose from.
Today there seem to be tons of different types of modern kids bedding available for any and every favorite character, show, theme and color. From fairies to monkeys and everything in between, children are able to enjoy sets that complete the look of their bedrooms, no matter what the theme might be. Although it can look really neat to find tons of things that all match and coordinate, you will also want to be careful that you do not overdo the patterns, themes and décor. Many of the best sets are those that last long enough for the children to enjoy the sets no matter what age they are. Unfortunately, many kids grow tired of bedding if it does not suit many different aspects of their personalities. Although children are indeed children, many of them do not want a set that is too childish, but they also do not want one that is too grown up or dull for them.
There are many children with futons, day beds or bunk beds that need more than just a regular modern kids bedding set. A great store, whether it be a traditional or online, should have the best variety and selection in all kinds of sizes for all types of beds. A very popular pattern available for a regular twin bed should also be available for a loft bed, day bed or a full bed. In addition, the best stores to find sheets, pillowcases, blankets, pillows, duvets, comforters and more should also have accessories for the room to complete the entire décor. Some of these accessories to complement kids modern bedding include floor rugs, lamps, wall décor, throw pillows, desk accessories and many other little trinkets that can enhance the look of bedrooms for children.

Gus Modern now FSC Certified

Bobby Berk Home and Gus* are proud to announce that Gus has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and we have begun
manufacturing our upholstered seating with 100% FSC-certified wood products, in support of responsible forest
FSC is a certification system that provides internationally recognized standard-setting, trademark assurance and
accreditation services to companies interested in responsible forestry. The FSC label provides a credible link between
responsible production and consumption of forest products, enabling consumers to make purchasing decisions that
benefit the environment.
Only companies that have an FSC certification number, and submit to a rigorous and ongoing auditing process to ensure
compliance with strict FSC standards and principles, may claim to be FSC-Certified or claim to use FSC-Certified wood.
FSC-certification can be verified online at
The following products are now being produced with 100% FSC-Certified wood:

Carter Sectional, Carter Sofa, Carter Chair, Clinton Sectional, Carmichael Chair, Essentials Delano Chair, Delano XL Sofa, GT Rocker *NEW*, Trudeau Sofa, Trudeau Chair, James Lounge, George Daybed, Euclid Ottoman, Nicole Ottoman, Jasper Cube, Jane Bi-Sectional, Jane Sofa, Jane Loveseat, Jane Chair, Spencer Sofa, Spencer Chair, Rochelle Sofa, Richmond Sofa *NEW*, Richmond Chair *NEW*