Friday, June 22, 2012

Spotlight on Design - Natural Curiosities

Natural Curiosities by Christopher Wilcox
As I reflect on my second life, my journey in Los Angeles, I often consider the bold shifts and growth an individual can undergo upon moving to a new land; a country that is not one’s birthplace.
The change is so extreme; it is almost as if a new life has been gifted. The reason for starting with that reference is its relevance to my renewed commitment to live life as creatively as my heart commands, to listen to my instinct and to walk a fresh path every day. When I was eight I told my parents I would not live out my life in England, but that I would call someplace else home and that I would have a big family; fortunately, that is my today.
My creative journey, and I believe everyone’s, began when I found the earth beneath my feet resonated with my spirit. To be where you want to be, to connect with the earth and the culture of a land is paramount. Once that is established one can start entertaining ideas and dreams that seem absurd and make them a reality.
I rely on creative connectors every day, including the land I call home, my family, energetic food, music, the act of collecting inspiring treasures and my colleagues. I approach each day with compassion and an inclination for the absurd.
Born from a deep love of the arts, and what art is capable of representing in culture and society life, Natural Curiosities is one of my proudest achievements. I consider it an accomplishment made possible by the love and loyalty of incredibly creative clients, both old and new, who believe in our journey and have become loyal supporters to the belief that art is not a decorative accessory, but an essential part of design and, in our case, work full of soul made by people who love what they do. I would also like to deeply thank all the members of The Octo-Caravan both past and present, for without you the wheels would never turn.
Looking forward,

Our Studio
Located on Sunset Blvd, our studio is tucked into the core of Echo Park’s historic Jensen Recreation Center, a current cultural monument originally erected in 1924.
Once a bowling alley, the space has evolved to embrace our artistic pursuits. Daily we work amongst the remnants of the past, continually drawing from our environment’s rich history.
Our favorite relic of the studio’s past life is 50 ft long mural which depicts an imaginary Egyptian landscape; when the building was first constructed, much of the d├ęcor was designed in celebration of the discovery of King Tut’s tomb by Howard Carter in 1922.
For nearly a century the Jensen Rec Center has housed various Los Angeles artists, musician and filmmakers; we feel honored to create daily in a home with so much character.
The Natural Curiosities Team
We are an evolving body of people who share the ultimate pursuit: to create works of art. Our collective objective is to work in an environment where creativity remains supreme. Both polished and raw, we share a love of beauty in design. Daily we are in pursuit of the bespoke and collectable.
We honor Nature each day and ceaselessly explore its mystery.
We are unpredictable, vibrant, and strong. We strive to recognize and embrace change as we uphold the belief that Art is the backbone of Culture.

Monday, June 4, 2012

My Urbio Launches 1st at Bobby Berk Home

We here at Bobby Berk Home were super excited to be the first retailer in the world to get the My Urbio system this last month during ICFF.  We are absolutely in-love with this cleverly designed modern garden / organizational system and know you will be too.

Try a vessel, one wall plate, 4, 6, or 9 - as many as you want!
Urbio is designed to be modular, allowing you to grid out your urban garden customised to your personal living space. Urbio is equipped with large neodymium magnets that are strong enough to hold a variety of weights to your wall. These magnetic vessels allow for easy removal, rearrangment, and customization. Urbio can also provide a vertical solution for all types of organizational needs within your home. We encourage you to be creative and push the limits of what your Urbio can do for you! Plant, organize, and space save all at once!