Friday, September 25, 2009

What's all the buzz about "Gracie"?

Who is "Gracie"?

Have you been searching for a sectional and just can't quite find the right color, fabric, or base options to make your living space complete?

That's "Gracie". Finally, the Gracie Sectional by Bobby Berk Home is an exciting modern twist on a classic sectional that now comes in a large variety of colors, fabrics (including leather), and base options. This beautifully constructed tufted sectional is made in the US.

(For additional options not seen online, please visit the Soho showroom in NYC)

Green Accessories for your Iphone & Ipod from Vers

It’s beautiful
In the hands of a craftsman, wood is simply the most beautiful material around. Vers Audio Iphone Cases are crafted from select US hardwoods and Bamboo, each case has it’s own unique character.
It’s tough
Wood is tough stuff - it’s nature’s version of carbon fiber. Naturally rigid and impact-resistant, when reinforced with steel pins, it’s serious protection for your iPod/iPhone.
It’s renewable
For every tree we use, we replant 100 through our partnership with The Arbor Day Foundation and the US Forrestry Service to re-forrest areas damaged by fire and other natural disasters.

• Hand-crafted from solid hardwoods & Bamboo
• Steel pin reinforced corners for added strength
• Soft, scratch-resistant lining
• Durable UV & moisture-resistant clear coat

• Large radii for easy pocket & bag access
• Quick-eject rear finger detail

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bold, Modern, Red Hot, and Beautiful

There is absolutely nothing mediocre about this bold and beautiful sofa. The Rosetta Two collection by Bobby Berk Home is simply "hot". This modern mid-century inspired sofa is made in Los Angeles and features fine American made craftsmanship. The sofa has modern clean lines, solid wood base, tufted seat and back and is available in a soothing Burberry Slate, Hallmark Meadow, Hollis Topaz, and vibrant Runway Cardinal.

Monday, September 21, 2009

More Great Furniture from Bobby Berk Home on TLC's 'Moving Up'

Check Out Episode 403, 407 and 409 to see great modern furniture, rugs, lighting and more from Bobby Berk Home on TLC's "Moving Up"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rafael Viñoly's School of Architecture Opens at CCNY

How about some afternoon starchitecture, you say? At your service, say we. Here we have the latest from Rafael Viñoly, specifically, the new School of Architecture at CCNY, which opens its doors today. Crucially, this isn't new construction; rather, it's a totally overhauled version of a glass-block building that was built as a library in the late 1950's. Viñoly's firm gut-renovated it, preserving just the structural elements. Then from there, things really got trippy.

The fully redone 118,000 square foot building will serve as classroom and office space, but there are plenty of other interesting touches, like, oh, a rooftop amphitheater. More, from the press materials:

The new structure is highlighted by its central atrium, which allows daylight to illuminate the building from the roof down to the ground floor. The atrium features an intersecting series of steel staircases and pedestrian bridges, facilitating circulation throughout the building and establishing connectivity and sightlines between floors. The striking walkway system promotes interactivity and spontaneous encounters among students and faculty. Additionally, partial mezzanine levels are inserted above the studio floors to provide space for faculty offices. These offices look over the open-plan design studios through interior glazing to a space along the building’s perimeter that maximizes daylight in the studio areas. The corridors on the studio levels are wide, double-height areas that accommodate lounges for informal discussion, while narrower balconies overlook these lounges and provide circulation on the office levels. In what has become a trademark of Rafael Viñoly Architects' institutional and educational projects, this layout promotes interaction and fluidity of movement through innovative design solutions.

The building’s exterior is clad in pre-cast concrete, with deep shelf-like openings that on installation will feature aluminum sun-shading louvers. Oriented vertically on the east and west facades, and horizontally on the south façade, the louvers are designed to balance outward views with maximum shading to reduce heat gain to the interiors. On the roof, an open-air amphitheater overhangs the atrium, with a full-height clerestory around three sides that admits natural light into the building. The amphitheater provides additional teaching and program space, with wide, unobstructed views to the south over Central Park and the skyline of Midtown Manhattan. This south-facing orientation also reduces direct sun exposure and thermal heat gain on the clerestory glass, even as the auditorium’s contoured underside creates a funnel to scoop natural light down into the atrium. On the building’s periphery, Landscape Architect Lee Weintraub’s design accentuates the main entrance, creating another accessible congregation point for students.


Bobby Berk Home on TLC's Moving Up

Check out Bobby Berk Home products on TLC's Moving Up episode 403. Look for the sexy Jane Bi-sectional from Gus Modern. This modern sofa was just what they needed to transform their home. Also, check out the Thomas Paul rugs we provided to warm up their family room and master bedroom.

Snuggle time just got easier with this wall mounted fireplace

Let romance fill the air and the sparks fly high as you cuddle by this amazing new fireplace. The Chimo Large Wave Fireplace by Blomus is the perfect touch to keep your love burning strong all winter long. No chimney or natural gas line is required and the fireplace is vent-less and odorless. It simply mounts to the wall like a picture frame. The flame size is adjustable allowing you to set the proper mood.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Hero 365 RC-1 Rain Collector | Via Apartment Therapy Re-Nest

Remember this vintage-looking Drying Rack from Toronto-based company Hero? Well, they also have a beautiful and functional Rain Collector that holds up to 45 gallons of water — enough to water the garden, wash the car and maybe even a dog or two — all without relying on your local water supply...

The RC-1 comes flat-packed and is made from corrosion/UV resistant polyester powder-coated steel. Collect as much rain as you can in a special phthalate-free bladder that holds the water after it's been filtered for bugs and debris.
While it is certainly more expensive than your run-of-the-mill rain barrels, it's also infinitely more stylish than its clunky counterpart and would actually look pretty cool sitting out in the garden or up against the side of the house.
You can purchase the RC-1 from Bau Outdoors in the UK for £399.00 and in the US for $550 at Bobby Berk Home.

Melli Compact Lounge | At Cool Material | What Men Want

You'll come across as well-prepared in a dorky Doogie Howser sort of way when your date spots this box on your wall... which quickly gets replaced by a debonair James Bond level of resourcefulness when she sees what's inside. The Melli Compact Lounge, named for Tempelhof airport in Berlin gives you quick access to essential items that you may need in a pinch... not gauze and ointment like you might expect but something much more useful: cocktails and those little umbrellas. Includes bar tools, but unfortunately you have to provide the booze.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dwellstudio Offers Premier Bedding, Accessories, and More

Dwellstudio is an interior design company that has made a name for itself with its beautifully simplistic sheets and bed coverings, its table linens, and their accessories for the home. However, there is much more to the basis of this design company than meets the eye, and there is much to know about the interior design business as a whole. Top design companies such as Dwellstudio know that there are many different decorating rules to abide by, but they also know that many times those rules are flexible and ever-changing, too.
If you are looking to transform the look of your living space, introducing modern textile design into the fabrics that are in your home is the best way to do it. There are literally thousands of designs and fabrics available that set the bar for designers to follow, and one of these is Dwellstudio. The company is committed to using the finest textiles and quality linens for every one of their products, and they seek out the best woods, plastics, and metals for their other product lines such as furniture.
Color combinations and different layouts are some of the most important factors when it comes to choosing linens and bedding. Fabric and material also play a large role, and one of the most popular materials to use as linens today is Egyptian cotton. Sheets that are woven from 100% Egyptian cotton are very soft, but very durable at the same time. Bedding that is reactive printed so that it keeps its saturated bright colors is used by Dwellstudio. For Egyptian cotton fabrics, it is recommended that the bedding be washed in the washing machine and taken out of the dryer when it is still just a bit damp. Placing them on the bed to finish drying will help reduce wrinkles when it is dry, all without ever plugging in an iron.
This company has become well known for their bedding that is luxurious and simple, yet lavishly ornate in its own naturistic way. Contemporary stripes, bold solids, large geometric designs, and more are used to state a simple yet strong statement about style. What is really great about the company is that they make bed linens and products for infants and children as well as for adults. Their crib bedding, toddler bedding, and child bedding is the ultimate in quality and comfort and is soothing to children as well. Attractive designs and soil-resistant materials make all the difference that separates Dwellstudio products from others that are out there on the market.

The Versatility of Bar Stools in San Diego Homes

Just about everyone knows that bar stools are not just for the bars and taverns anymore. These high seats have found their way into the homes of comfort lovers everywhere. The invasion began in basements with the lucky homeowners who had their own basement bars. Today, you can find bar stools in every room of the house, from bedrooms to living rooms to dining rooms, too.
There are several heights, styles, colors, models, and shapes available for bar stools, ranging from those that are four feet high down to those that more often resemble step stools. They are very popular for a lot of reasons, mainly because they are stylish and they do not take up a lot of room. You’ll need to think about how many stools you need for whichever room they will be in. Are you going to use them at a breakfast bar in your kitchen? You probably only need two, three, or four stools. Do you have a pub height dining table that you need chairs for? Depending on the size of the table, you’ll need four, six, or eight bar stools.
Be careful when choosing the height of the stools. Be sure that when a chair box states that the stool is 29” high that you know if it is 29” to the seat or 29” to the top of the back of the stool. If you have driven an hour and a half to your favorite store to buy eight bar stools that are 29” tall and you go home to find that they do not fit under your table, you have a big (and expensive) problem on your hands.
You’ll also need to decide what kind of materials you are going to want your stools to be made out of; there are those that are completely wooden, those that have metal frames that have a retro look, those that are a combination, and some that are even plastic. You also need to decide if you want yours to have a back on them or not; will the seat be circular or some other shape? Be sure that the stools you choose are going to be comfortable for people to reach the counter, bar, or table with.
Another important consideration is that you want your bar stools to fit in with the décor of the rest of the room. If you have an oak table you probably will not want metal barstools with red leather seats. Many people really like this feature because it facilitates getting in and out from underneath counters or tables. While these swivel bar stools can run more expensive than their non-swivel counterparts, many people feel that the extra cost is nothing compared to the ease and comfort that they get from that little bit of swivel to help them out after they have stuffed themselves with Thanksgiving dinner!

The Razzle Dazzle for your Home Office Furniture

If you work from home in an office setting you certainly know and appreciate the value of good home office furniture. It can really be tricky finding the right furnishings for a home office because you not only want desks, chairs, and accessories that are comfortable to work at for hours every day, but you also need furniture that is as beautiful and as stylish as the rest of your home is, if not more so.
Even though a home office is a separate entity of the house, it still needs to be comfortable and fashionable. Sitting for hours every day at a desk requires a supportive chair and a desk that is at the right height for you. Since your home office is a part of your home, you also want furniture and accessories that compliment your style. This is especially important because you want to feel as comfortable as possible when you have to sit for hours every day in your home, but you also want to love the things that you have to look at for hours, too!
You may want to consider going with an ergonomic design for your desk chair. They are not only very good for the back and body but they also look great and fit right in to the contemporary modern design of many modern homes today. You certainly don’t want to be stuck in a chair for hours that looks good but is terribly uncomfortable, and you don’t want to be stuck in one that is comfortable but looks terrible. Take your time and be sure to shop around before you finally decide on a chair. Just because you are working at home doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve superior office furniture
Of course, when shopping for office furniture, you’ll need a desk to go with that chair. Desks these days range anywhere from big, bulky, wooden pieces to glass tables that are used as desks. Think considerably on whether or not you would benefit from having drawers or not, because they do come in handy if for no other reason than to hide things in. Try some desks out and make sure that they stand at a comfortable height for you. Be sure that the desk not only matches the style and décor of your home but that it also fits with the look of the new chair that you have just bought, too.
Finally we come to accessories for your home office. Don’t skimp on the decorative items such as cute little pen holders, picture frames, or wall hangings, because if you don’t love your home office you’ll make yourself suffer! In addition to the fun stuff, make sure that you have plenty of items handy for making your job at home easier and to keep you more organized. Once you have found everything you need for your home office, you’ll not only love your home but you’ll love your work again, too!