Friday, September 25, 2009

Green Accessories for your Iphone & Ipod from Vers

It’s beautiful
In the hands of a craftsman, wood is simply the most beautiful material around. Vers Audio Iphone Cases are crafted from select US hardwoods and Bamboo, each case has it’s own unique character.
It’s tough
Wood is tough stuff - it’s nature’s version of carbon fiber. Naturally rigid and impact-resistant, when reinforced with steel pins, it’s serious protection for your iPod/iPhone.
It’s renewable
For every tree we use, we replant 100 through our partnership with The Arbor Day Foundation and the US Forrestry Service to re-forrest areas damaged by fire and other natural disasters.

• Hand-crafted from solid hardwoods & Bamboo
• Steel pin reinforced corners for added strength
• Soft, scratch-resistant lining
• Durable UV & moisture-resistant clear coat

• Large radii for easy pocket & bag access
• Quick-eject rear finger detail

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