Thursday, December 31, 2009

Keep On Giving - Gus Modern & Bobby Berk Furniture Sale

Tomorrow, January 1, 2010 starts our second annual "Keep On Giving Sale". Bring in 3 non-perishable food items and receive 15% off your Gus Modern Furniture order or 25% off you Bobby Berk upholstery order. Act now to insure in-stock quick ship!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Bathroom Interior Design: The Sink

A bathroom sink is just one of those things that some people are very particular about and others just are not. Vessel-style washbasins have been around for centuries and are enjoying a revival of sorts in contemporary bathrooms across the globe. The style did not originate in London as many people think but instead actually hails from Ancient China. Before plumbing was around, these basins simply held water that had been drawn from wells. Today’s stylish and free-standing basins sit right on top of a bathroom counter or other furniture unit so that all necessary plumbing is included. Fortunately today interior designers can find all types of different dimensions, styles and looks for them so that any décor can be matched. There are also many different materials that they can be made of including metal, semi-precious stone, glass and more.
There are quite a few advantages of these vessel style washbasins over more traditional models. Many of the top designers in the world can let their imaginations fly with more creative designs and less constraint, since these basins are not confined to only fitting in standard sized holes in the counters. Adding all kinds of additions for visual interest is possible, and the need for a backsplash is also eliminated, since most of the models of basins are taller in the back than in the front.
There are also standalone basins that do not rely on counter space at all. Some people find that they like the idea of this type of basin but it might not fit in with their existing bathroom design. If you find that you are one of these people, you might want to use the free-standing basin in a half bathroom where it will be useful mostly for hand washing instead of for brushing teeth, washing faces or for shaving. No matter if you are sure of the design you want or you have no idea where to start, a professional designer can help you with every part of your bathroom transformation from start to finish.

Hiring a Professional Designer

Professional designers are our sources for the latest fashion trends, the most brilliant decorating ideas and the best products- they help everyone from huge corporations to individual homeowners personalize their spaces to reflect their styles and personalities perfectly and accurately, not to mention lavishly. Designers do all of the ground work for the rest of us to find the latest and greatest additions to our homes while still staying within the budgets that have been set for the projects. Here are some of the tips that you should follow to choose a designer to work for you.
Your best starting point is to interview many different designers before you decide on hiring one; that way you will be exposed to many different professionals to help you decide which will be best for you. Be sure that you ask as many questions as you can- the best professionals will be open and up front about costs and fees so that you won’t suffer from any surprises once the project is finished. Interview them over the phone if you need to and see if you can get some estimates upfront.
Be sure that you find a professional that you not only feel comfortable in but one that fits your budget too. Some designers operate while they require a minimum charge and others only deal with certain aspects of design. Just make sure that you are having an enjoyable experience with your designer that you have hired; if you aren’t, fire that one and get going with someone else. Do any friends or family members have any recommendations for you to follow up on?
Get references directly from the professional- he or she should have photos and a portfolio that shows off the work that he or she has done in the past so that you can get a good idea of what types of skills and talents they will bring to your home design. Don’t hesitate to discuss the quality and outcome that you expect in the work and what you want the end result to include. Discuss not only your budget but also the schedule that you would like to keep. Finally, get important details in writing; these important tidbits include monies to be paid, time limits, the scope of the work, any other contracts and agreements and anything else you feel like you need backed up.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stig Hansen said "Let there be light" and the IQ was born

The Stig Hansen IQ Light is an amazing showpiece for any modern space. The hanging light can be adjusted to change into a variety of different shapes and sizes. The IQ Light lighting system is based on single interlocking modules and choice of assembly patterns. The IQ Light can be formed to more than 21 different lampshade designs – even your own creation.

Check out a few other beautiful hanging light ideas like the stunning Stig Hansen Turbo Light.

Fun, Fashion Forward, Fearless, and Affordable

The Tribeca 88 Sectional by Bobby Berk Home is truly inspiring. This sectional is completely customizable with a large variety of fabric swatches (including leather) and a choice of wood or metal bases to complete your look. Unlike many other popular modern sectionals today, this collection is plush. The Tribeca 88 collection is made in America, finely crafted, and tailored.

In a time where every penny counts, take advantage of the "Adopt a Family Toy Drive" benefiting Providence Hospital and receive a 30% discount on your custom piece. Give and Save!

Check out the Bobby Berk Home showroom in New York for a full line of customizable options that are not available online.
If a sectional is not what you are looking for, then be sure to take a closer look at the customizable Tribeca 88 Sofa, Loveseat, and chair options.

The "Adopt a Family Toy Drive" will end on December 18Th, so be sure to place your order before the drive ends.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bobby Berk Home: Bobby Berk Home and Leslie Sanchez announce 1st Annual Toy Drive for families of DC’s oldest hospital

Bobby Berk Home: Bobby Berk Home and Leslie Sanchez announce 1st Annual Toy Drive for families of DC’s oldest hospital

Bobby Berk Home and Leslie Sanchez announce 1st Annual Toy Drive for families of DC’s oldest hospital

Bobby Berk Home and Leslie Sanchez announce 1st Annual Toy Drive for
families of DC’s longest continuously operating hospital.

Washington, District of Columbia – December 2, 2009 – Bobby Berk Home & Author and Political Analyst Leslie Sanchez proudly announce their 1st annual Toy Drive benefiting Providence Hospital ’s “Adopt-a-Family for Christmas” program. Sanchez is a member of the Providence Health Foundation board of directors.

Give & Receive this Holiday Season by donating a toy valued at $50 or more (or a $50 cash donation) and Bobby Berk Home will discount your Bobby Berk Home and Gus Modern Furniture order 15%-30% December 3rd through December 18th. Bobby Berk Home will be offering the promotion to both in-store shoppers and online customers. Online at add "toy donation" item to your shopping cart. Our goal is to raise $5000 in cash and toy donations for the charity. If that goal is achieved, Bobby Berk Home will match the donation. Donations without purchase can also be made by adding this item to your shopping cart online.

Providence Hospital’s “Adopt a Family” is a long-standing tradition at Providence. DC’s oldest continually operating hospital will be embarking on a yearlong celebration of 150 years of service beginning 2010. The Adopt a Family program, run by Providence Hospital founders, the Daughters of Charity, and funded by the employees and physicians of Providence Hospital, provides poor and vulnerable families with gifts for Christmas. Visit the Providence website for more details.

Providence Health Foundation President/CEO, Bob Hutson states, “Each year, Providence gives Christmas gifts to more than 110 poor and needy children and has received more requests this year than ever before. Bobby Berk Home and Leslie Sanchez’s toy drive contributions will help us reach more families affected by today’s economic challenges.”

Visit or for details. We have created a special hashtag on Twitter for this drive #DCToyDonation to follow this drive.

Chartered by President Lincoln in 1861 and founded by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent DePaul, Providence is a health ministry of Ascension Health – a Catholic, mission-focused organization, and the nation’s largest non-profit health system. Providence Hospital is committed to providing spiritually centered, holistic care, serving all persons with special attention to those who are poor and vulnerable.

Since it's founding, Bobby Berk Home's mission has been to offer its customers a different shopping experience. The stores feature hand selected items from around the world showcased through faultless design vignettes. Bobby Berk Home's clean aesthetic represents modern luxury and comfort for furniture, home furnishings and accessories. They offer customers creative ideas, customized selections and quality service. The Bobby Berk style is minimalist, epitomizing urban design sophistication paired with quality and value at the forefront