Monday, December 7, 2009

Bathroom Interior Design: The Sink

A bathroom sink is just one of those things that some people are very particular about and others just are not. Vessel-style washbasins have been around for centuries and are enjoying a revival of sorts in contemporary bathrooms across the globe. The style did not originate in London as many people think but instead actually hails from Ancient China. Before plumbing was around, these basins simply held water that had been drawn from wells. Today’s stylish and free-standing basins sit right on top of a bathroom counter or other furniture unit so that all necessary plumbing is included. Fortunately today interior designers can find all types of different dimensions, styles and looks for them so that any d├ęcor can be matched. There are also many different materials that they can be made of including metal, semi-precious stone, glass and more.
There are quite a few advantages of these vessel style washbasins over more traditional models. Many of the top designers in the world can let their imaginations fly with more creative designs and less constraint, since these basins are not confined to only fitting in standard sized holes in the counters. Adding all kinds of additions for visual interest is possible, and the need for a backsplash is also eliminated, since most of the models of basins are taller in the back than in the front.
There are also standalone basins that do not rely on counter space at all. Some people find that they like the idea of this type of basin but it might not fit in with their existing bathroom design. If you find that you are one of these people, you might want to use the free-standing basin in a half bathroom where it will be useful mostly for hand washing instead of for brushing teeth, washing faces or for shaving. No matter if you are sure of the design you want or you have no idea where to start, a professional designer can help you with every part of your bathroom transformation from start to finish.

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