Thursday, February 24, 2011

Right Under Your Feet

Nimboo Rug in Sage and Cream
 Rugs are a beautiful thing. Nothing adds charm, warmth, and style to a room quite like a rug, and with Spring Cleaning season just over the horizon, now is a great time to start looking for a lavishing new modern rug. That's where we come in: we have some fun highlights from our collection that are alluring to the eyes and soft on the toes!

Chandra Rugs' Dharma 7536 ($79) or the Dharma 7531 ($79) is perfect for anyone looking for an exotic flair. notNeutral's Seasons Rug ($240) exudes excitement and energy with its bright colors and playful designs. The simplicity in Bholu's Nimboo Rug ($1,100) adds a touch of serene grace to any room, and is available in red, orange, and other warm colors. Thomas Paul's Love Birds ($265) features a design whose unique blend of historical art styles will appeal to anyone with an artsy mindset. Pop art enthusiasts will love Twinkle Living's Glamour Girl Mat ($167) or Spin Rug ($167). Anyone with a soft spot for floral designs will fall for Amy Butler's Modern Love Rug ($108) or the Caracas Rug ($108). Finally, Design House Stockholm features the Bjork Rug ($250), a perfect selection for anyone looking for blissful simplicity at its best.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Drinks, Laughs, and Dan Golden: All The Makings of a Good Time

Dan Golden's Party @ The SoHo Showroom, 02.17.11

Last week, Dan Golden hosted a party at our SoHo showroom to commemorate the unveiling of his latest NEW AGE Rug Collection, and it was a great success! Guests got to meet the man himself, and laughs were shared as he gave a personal tour of his masterpieces. Everyone had a great time, and  a part of us wants to find excuses to host such parties again in the future. You can find Dan Golden's Cartoon Pillow Collection featuring his Crossroads pillow ($99)-- enjoy the photos and thanks for coming!

 Dan Golden's Morphine Rug. Find the matching Morphine Pillow ($99) at!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Modern Representation: Launched!

Modern Representation, LLC

My new distribution company has successfully launched! Modern Representation specializes in luxurious home furnishings with a modern touch. Explore the elegant Parisian aesthetic of Rouge du Rhin, or the nostalgic flair of Alice Supply Co. Revel in the craftsmanship of Bholu, or the the brilliant designs of Munkii.

Modern Representation's mission is to bring fresh, modern brands to the US Market. We're proud to be representing modern, international (and one domestic) brands to the best home goods retailers in the US! For more information, check out the website!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Work Your 9-to-5 With Style!

Design House Stockholm Poem Cup and Saucer

It's Friday. You know the weekend is so close but still not within your grasp, and chances are good that you're one of those poor folks who feel trapped within their cubicle-cage right now. Though we can't make time go faster (we're working on that), we can at least brighten up your day with a few modern toys for the office or workplace.

Singgih Kartono features a large assortment of natural/retro-themed office accessories, including a  Tape Dispenser ($26) and a Stapler ($26). Both are also available as parts of their Desk Set ($85), which includes a letter opener and pen/card holder as well. Tune in to some melodies with the Magno Medium Radio ($270). When there isn't much else to do, pass the time with their set of Toys for the Soul ($40) and hope your boss isn't looking. The Klock-01 ($90) will let you know how close you are to closing time.

For those looking for less retro and more modern, Harry Allen delivers solutions with their Desk Set by Reality ($80) and their Bank in the Form of a Pig ($125). Afraid of dozing off on the job? The portable Handpresso Wild espresso maker ($99) will give you a much-needed jolt of caffeine. Brighten up your day with the Legna Table Lamp ($280) by jefdesigns. Check out our full line of office accessories at our online store!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Springtime 2011: Back To Your Roots

PAD Outdoor POD Version 1.0

The birds aren't chirping yet, but the melting slush and the asphalt rivers streaming into the sewer grates mean that spring is definitely on its way (that and the groundhog was onto something). What better time than now to start dabbling in a little agriculture? We have a colorful selection of planters, potters, and pods that will keep your thumbs green this season.

Linvin is shining bright this week with their Pot of Love ($119), available in a rainbow of colors, and is a perfect match for their signature Queen of Love chair ($895). Stray from the ordinary with Planterworx's Element 19" ($210), or revel in elegant simplicity with their True Square Planter ($170) or Sunscape's Rectangular Planter RP2 ($180). For the plant that doesn't like to stay in place, Blomus makes moving around easy with their Greens Planter on Wheels ($135). Turn your world upside down with the Bosske Sky Planter, available in X-Small ($25) and Medium ($75). Wallter stays true to their name with their lovely Wall Planter ($72). Hang your plants in style with their equally lovely Hanging Planter ($72), or Perch!'s Plant Pot ($104). Last but not least, nothing says au courant quite like PAD Outdoor's POD, available in Version 1.0 ($164) and Version 4.0 ($56) in punchy candy colors.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Have You Seen Your Shadow?

Areware Icosa Lamp

Six more weeks of winter. Nobody wants to hear that kind of news, especially when the bearer of that news is a cuddly marmot. While we eagerly await the March lions, April showers, and May flowers, we can brighten up the remaining days of winter with selections from our fun collection of lighting fixtures.

Oilo paves the way with their retro-vibrant Cylinder series ($199-$279), available in a handful of cheerful colors like Spring Green, Cobblestone, and Aqua. Paper Cloud features an equally impressive collection of cylinder lamps, available in Dewdrops ($198), Sunflowers ($198), and more! Add an Asian flair with Schmitt Design's Moso Pendant Bamboo Lamp ($318), available in End Grain and Vertical Grain ($278). temahome offers class and elegance with their Leaf Hanging Light, available in medium ($232) and large ($254). Spice up your living space with John Beck Steel's Beatty Light ($265) or Straight Light ($196). For our finale, we have the lovely Springtide Lamp ($2,731) by Eve Design, a perfect centerpiece for the coming spring!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cozy Up The Indoors

Stadler Form Max Fan Heater in White

Snow. Slush. Icy rain. Windchill. The forecasts haven't been all that great recently, and while getting snowed in can be such a drag, we have some great ways to keep your home feeling comfy and cozy while waiting for the wintry weather to pass.

Stadler Form's Max Fan Heater ($99), available in Red and White, will keep your digits warm, and it makes an excellent companion to their equally fascinating lineup of humidifiers. Check out the round and funky Fred ($99.99), or the square and sexy Oskar ($149.99). Go ultrasonic with their big brothers Anton ($139.99) and William ($229.99), while cousin Viktor ($399.99) keeps the air clean. Tom ($599.99) does double duty as an airwasher and humidifier. Finally, don't forget to give some love to family friend Blomus! Check out their classy Humydo humidifier, available in Tubular ($39.00) and Curve ($95.29).