Friday, February 11, 2011

Work Your 9-to-5 With Style!

Design House Stockholm Poem Cup and Saucer

It's Friday. You know the weekend is so close but still not within your grasp, and chances are good that you're one of those poor folks who feel trapped within their cubicle-cage right now. Though we can't make time go faster (we're working on that), we can at least brighten up your day with a few modern toys for the office or workplace.

Singgih Kartono features a large assortment of natural/retro-themed office accessories, including a  Tape Dispenser ($26) and a Stapler ($26). Both are also available as parts of their Desk Set ($85), which includes a letter opener and pen/card holder as well. Tune in to some melodies with the Magno Medium Radio ($270). When there isn't much else to do, pass the time with their set of Toys for the Soul ($40) and hope your boss isn't looking. The Klock-01 ($90) will let you know how close you are to closing time.

For those looking for less retro and more modern, Harry Allen delivers solutions with their Desk Set by Reality ($80) and their Bank in the Form of a Pig ($125). Afraid of dozing off on the job? The portable Handpresso Wild espresso maker ($99) will give you a much-needed jolt of caffeine. Brighten up your day with the Legna Table Lamp ($280) by jefdesigns. Check out our full line of office accessories at our online store!

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