Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Boskke Sky Planter

The Sky Planter by Boskke enables you to bring a touch of nature indoors at home or at work in a unique and stylish manner. And it doesn’t take up any floor space! So if you’re thinking … “As much as I’d love to add a bit of green to my space, I simply don’t have the room” … Try growing your garden on the ceiling.

Plants not only liven up a room with their color and grace but also prove to be good for your health. They emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and other chemicals leaving you with purified air and a more relaxed and stress-free feeling. Having a plant around has been proven to increase alertness and productivity in the workplace, and who doesn’t want that same sensation at home? Make sure to hang your Sky Planter in a place where it will get plenty of natural light and rotate it on occasion so that every part of the plant receives a bit of the sun. This will keep your plant, and you, happy and feeling fresh.

We all know that potted plants will lose water through both evaporation and drainage. The Boskke Sky Planter offers a unique solution to this quandary by gradually feeding water to the roots of the plant, upside down of course, through its clay reservoir system. Seeing as there is no excess water to drain out, the Sky Planter can be used indoors without fear of any water evaporating away. This will leave your plant looking healthy and vibrant for days on end even if you pay less attention to it than you would a conventional potted plant. In a temperate climate the Sky Planter can hold enough water to keep your plant well and quenched for up to two weeks. And don’t worry about any soil falling out. The Sky Planter comes with a locking ceramic collar, kind of like a teapot lid, along with a plastic mesh which you can cut to fit around the base of your plant.

So whether you want to bring an orchid into your living room, some English ivy into your office or hang some fresh herbs in your kitchen, the Boskke Sky Planter fits the bill. Practical and stylish it will undoubtedly be a tantalizing conversation piece and will allow you to look up to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Aaron Barak Luxury Accessories: Stylish Satisfaction

Aaron Barak is a designer who presents luxury accessories that are stylish and durable. His bags represent traditional craftsmanship an have a unique functional beauty to them. Aaron Barak accessories are actually found in every setting, every city and every time of day, from the runway to the jetway. The company is base in New York City and is a young one, having been founded in the fall of 2005. Founders are Scott Zwerner and Elijah Bernard, who share the vision of elevating mens luxury accessories to a new level of fashion.

So the question becomes, "Can the accessory finally make the man?" As the senior designer, Bernard wanted to create a tool for today's man that completes his expression as he goes from work to the gym to a night out on the town, which apparently he has been incredibly successful with. The mission of the company is to be a "one of a kind" lifestyle brand, and not just any brand, but the best in the world. Becoming a world-wide fashion phenomenon is one thing, but doing it with the feel of a family owned business is quite another. Bernard and Zwerner have been able to do both, as is evidenced by their strength in manufacturing the best leather goods. Period.

Take, for example, Aaron Barak's Nickleby leather. Their premium tanned leather is full-grain and made from carefully selected raw material. They only choose clean natural hides, so the grain remains in its natural state. This makes for the best strength and durability. In addition, the leather also has natural breathability, meaning that it is very comfortable. It does not wear out, but instead develops a natural patina. Many say that the leather grows more beautiful as time goes by instead of cracking, looking dull and discoloring.

One of the best parts about buying Aaron Barak accessories? Purchasers of the company's products are also granted a lifetime warranty that covers the hardware and binding of any bags from Aaron Barak. The company warrants that our bags are going to be free from defects from the original date of purchase, and if any of the beautiful products you buy from Aaron Barak does fail because of any type of defect, the company repairs or replaces your product. What could be better than guaranteed luxury, guys?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall Decorating Tips to Welcome the Cooler Weather

With summer on its way out and fall closer than we always expect it to be, it's time to warm up your house with modern décor and accessories that will help fight off the winter blues. There are actually quite a few people who take the time and effort to transform their home from a summer hangout to a warm and cozy winter hideaway with warm tones and soothing furnishings and accessories. If you want to get your home looking nice and inviting for the cooler weather, here are some valuable tips to help you out.

First of all, you need to look to elemental colors for inspiration and to use as a foundation for your décor. Air, Fire, Water and Earth are the elements. Colors inspired by Earth will ground a room, making it calm. Fire inspires boldness, Air inspires open comfort, and Water inspires playful fun and beauty too, of course.

As the air turns cooler outdoors, you are going to want to reflect the warm hues of the fall foliage that nature displays. Take seasonal cues from nature when it comes to colors too- Vibrant golds, deep reds, rich browns and dark oranges are absolutely stunning when used in any and all combination. The colors represent an inspiration and energy that foretells the passing of summer and the arrival of fall. As the days get cooler and the sun sets earlier, you are going to need all the inspiration and energy you can get indoors at it changes form and disappears outdoors.

Don't be afraid to get creative with symbols of the season, such as carving out a pumpkin and using it as a flower vase or using some modern décor with those symbols on it. Throw pillows that go along with the season are always fun, and you don't have to always match your couch with them since they are seasonal. You can always buy flowers to have in your home, no matter what the weather is like outside.

With the increasing focus on the environment, there are plenty of eco-conscious and Earth-friendly products of all kinds for the home that look great and inspire an understanding and respect with nature. These products often incorporate earthy colors and textures; a perfect theme for fall. Choose eco-friendly home products that are PVC-free and 100% recyclable or those made from non-toxic material or sourced from managed forests.