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Affordable and Fashionable Modern Home Accessories

Decorating your home with affordable yet fashionable modern accessories is simple when you know what to look for and where to look for them. It doesn’t matter if you decorate the entire house or just one room, the point is that there are so many different themes and styles available to choose from that there are many things that need to be considered to make sure that the furnishings that you choose are perfect for your house. If you are keeping with the same decorating trend or getting rid of everything and starting over will all new fresh modern home accessories, everything has to flow together.
Design is one thing that has to be taken into account when you are shopping for modern home accessories. These little accents make all the difference in rooms- with the wrong design a room can look tossed together and cluttered, but when modern home accessories are the right design they can make a room look fantastic. The design has to match the home and the homeowners’ personalities. Colors that integrate well with the furniture, carpeting and walls are essential.
Getting the right finish is very important when you are searching for modern home accessories, and so is the ambiance that those pieces create. Lighting is one of the most important factors in creating the right mood for your house, whether you like it bright and cheery or you prefer more subdued, soft lighting. Be careful when you are considering sizes for your pieces. A good size needs to match the size of the family who will be using them, the size of the house and the size of the rooms that they will be used in. Having modern home accessories that are too big will crunch a room and those that are too small will make a room look terribly empty.
Do not underestimate the importance of durability, especially if you have pets and children in the home. Scratch resistant furniture and well-built pieces are essential to get the best use of them for the longest possible time. Also choose things that are child and pet friendly- don’t fill your home with a bunch of things that are extremely fragile. You also might want to consider purchasing modern home accessories that are energy efficient as well as decorative. Considering form, function and design is important and fairly simple. To show off your modern home accessories you can choose LED or CFL lighting fixtures, which are environmentally friendly

The Best Designer Furniture for Home and Office

There are so many different designs, materials and colors that can be used for beautiful designer furniture that when it comes time to go shopping, it might be really hard to pick out the best pieces for your home. However, there are some things you can do to ensure that the designer furniture that you end up with suits you, your family and your home perfectly.
Some of the most popular materials that are used for furnishing of all kinds that are found in all rooms of a home include wood, brass, silver, plastic, aluminum, fabrics, steel and wrought iron. Depending on the quality of those materials that are used, the furnishings can last years or even decades with proper care. As time has passed, the trends and styles for furnishings have changed according to peoples’ tastes. Much of the contemporary styled pieces are made of chrome and plastic today, which are both very durable and very sturdy materials. Eero Aarnio is a Finnish designer who uses a lot of plastic and fiberglass as his main materials for his masterpieces. Some of his works include the tomato chair, screw chair, the Bubble chair and the Pastil chair. He has also used steel, wood and other materials for his pieces as well.
Charles and Ray Eames are American designers who made several contributions in the evolution of modern designer furniture design but also in the fields of art, film, industrial design and architecture. The lounge chair has actually been credited to them. Mies van Rohe is a well-known architect who designed the now famous Barcelona chair. Eileen Gray is a furniture designer who began her career by learning lacquer work which eventually branched out into architecture. She is well-known for her innovative ideas, and one of her signature designer furniture pieces is the bibendum chair. Saarinen designer furniture is customarily designed specifically per the customers’ requests.
Finally, Harry Bertoia is a famous designer nown for his work with metal and his jewelry designs. The diamond chair is his famous work. Modern designer furniture comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and styles from professionals around the world, and there are pieces designed every day for every room in the house; for the livingroom, dining room, office, patio, and bedrooms. Office pieces and everything else should be carefully considered when shopping for the best furnishings for the home, whether it is a tiny basket or a grand dining room set. Whether your personal style is modern, classic, elegant, stylish or any combination of styles, the designer furniture that you choose needs to not only suit you but should also suit your home as well.

Gus Mdoern GT Rocker - Rock & Roll!

New from Gus Modern!

The Gus Modern GT Rocker is the perfect modern rocking chair. Sleek and siple with a steel base and cushions inspired by retro car interiors. Made with FSC-Certified wood.

What's all the fuss about the Truss?

The Gus Modern Truss Chair is a mid-century styled chair that features a solid natural oak frame with an interlocking truss base and finger joint detailing on the arms.

Dimensions: 26.5"W x 31"D x 30"H

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A functional baby crib with style and personality

Check out this stylish and beautiful bamboo baby crib. The Ioline Crib by Kalon Studios addresses your baby’s growing body to their growing mind. The crib is designed to grow with them. Available in the rich, amber hue of oiled bamboo, the IoLine Crib encircles your infant in warmth while the unique geometric patterning appeals to developing minds. Cultivated from sustainable materials, the IoLine crib promises elegance, comfort and practicality in one design. When it’s time, the crib easily transitions into a toddler bed providing comfortable sleeping for your child until the age of 5. Babies spend two-thirds of their first year sleeping; the IoLine Crib ensures a place of slumber that’s as gentle with your baby as it is with the earth.

Match this crib with the IoLine Dresser and Ioline Changing Trunk by Kalon Studios.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tips from Bobby @Greenyourdecor

Here are some tips for finding eco-friendly furniture and decor:

* Stick to solid wood instead of wood composites, which are often made with formaldehyde and toxic adhesives
* Look for furniture made of FSC-certified or reclaimed wood, which will have minimal impact on the environment. Bamboo is great too, but try to find out if it was grown without pesticides. Designer and retailer Bobby Berk recommends the Lax Collection, shown above, for apartment settings. “The LAX wall mounted headboard has storage in it, so you don’t need night stands, which we here in NYC rarely have space for,” Berk said.
* For upholstery and textiles like window treatments, stick to natural materials like organic cotton, linen, eco-silk and hemp. Bamboo and soy have some environmental benefits, but the process of turning them into fabrics is questionable, so look to those options as a last resort. If you don’t have chemical sensitivities, you can also consider fabrics made of recycled materials like nylon and polyester, or even recycled cotton.
* New, eco-friendly furniture can definitely get pricey. If budget is an issue, shop consignment stores, yard sales and estate sales for quality secondhand furniture at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Used furniture has likely done all of its offgassing, and buying used helps reduce the need for virgin materials and saves the pieces you buy from ending up in the landfill. Craigslist is a great place to start if there is a page for your city or one nearby. And if you need inspiration for turning found furniture into a masterpiece worthy of your style and taste, check out the before and after sections of sites like Design Sponge. Definitely inspirational!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

This is truly "Twisted"

When you find that everything around you is just a little bit too structured, then perhaps it's time to throw life a curve ball. Twisted by Dylan Gold is a console table, a wall mounted display cabinet, a vertical bookshelf - or all three. Four in-line boxes frame the twisted one, creating a subtle focal point. The box in question is offset on 3 different axes, perfectly intersecting the adjacent cubes, defying convention. Specifically designed to add just enough chaos to your all-too-regimented world. Be sure to check out the other hot designs by Dyan Gold.

Friday, October 16, 2009

A stunning dining table for any traditional or modern dining space

It doesn't matter if you have a modern or traditional space, the Plank Dining Table by Gus Modern is a beautiful walnut showpiece that will stand the test of time. The table legs feature a solid wood end grain that sits flush with the top of the table. Complete your look with a beautiful Plank Bench by Gus Modern, a set of Thompson Chairs by Gus Modern, or a trendy combination of the two.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Space Saving Idea for NYC Living; The Bubble Rack by Wallter

What a great idea for small spaces in NYC. This modern wall mounted rack can hold everything! From the Kitchen to the bathroom. The Bubble modern Rack is for all your cool stuff! Hang jackets, hats, helmets, bags, keys, umbrellas.....
You can also place your mail, newspapers and magazines on the shelf. The Bubble Rack by Wallter comes in Orange or White.

Time Out NY names Bobby Berk Home Top Picks for Linens in NYC - We LOVE TIME OUT!

Best shops for linens and bedding
Cozy up with cute designs from these top picks.
By Lisa Freedman

If you have a bed and are under the age of 65, this is the linen shop for you. Any flower or paisley patterns stocked here are of the modern variety and definitely won’t make you feel like you’re hopping into bed at your granny’s house. The shop also carries higher-end brands such as DwellStudio, Nancy Koltes and Amenity Home—with prices to match (think ballpark $259 for a full sheet set). But don’t despair: There are sales throughout the year, including two big sample ones (once in February and once in the summer) during which items are marked down by 70 percent. 59 Crosby St between Broome and Spring Sts (866-965-9793,

Is it a coat closet, or a Gorilla?

If you love Gorillas, you'll love this modern take on the beautiful creature. This behemoth was created entirely out of bent coat hangers by Scottish artist David Mach. And I think we can all agree, it speaks volumes. About how, you know, gorillas like to hang from stuff. ;-)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dwell Bedding: Fine Affordable Luxury Linens

Dwell bedding has quickly made a name for itself as being representative of fine luxurious linens. Only being founded in 1999, the point the founders of the company wanted to make was to introduce modern textile design into home decorating fashion trends. The home furnishings company of DwellStudio creates everything from furniture and accessories to bedding for infants, children, and adults who want simple and fine products for their homes.
Some of the most popular products that Dwell Bedding is responsible for include their Egyptian cotton sheets. These are 100% Egyptian cotton and are reactive printed- this means that the colors they use are bright and saturated and that they also last quite a long time. Their linens are kept best when they are taken out of the dryer when they are still slightly damp, and they should then be put on the bed to finish drying- this helps keep the linens wrinkle-free as they finish drying.
Not only are the colors for many Dwell bedding products popular, but the designs and patterns are as well. Floral mixes, strong bold solids, and contemporary stripes are sophisticated and comfortable. Crib sets are some of their finest and most popular products and include reversible play blankets, linen bumpers, cotton percale sheets, and crib skirts made of smooth sateen. Duvets and shams are 100% cotton percale, and sheets are also available in 100% Egyptian cotton. Twin sheet sets include a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and a pillow case and two pillow cases are included for larger sets.
Coordinating and mixing and matching pieces of their different collections are what loyal fans of Dwell bedding do best, and the pieces are tailored to fit everyone’s tastes and preferences as well as different budgets. Quilts go nicely with duvets, and sheet sets look very favorable with different accent pillows, for example. The materials that the design firm uses are top quality, and they launder beautifully as well. This means for busy people less time fussing with linens and more time to take care of other things around the house that demand more attention to stay beautiful! Large geometric patterns and single, large pieces of design can be found on some of the most popular products from the company. The durability of the company’s products and the ability for them to resist staining are other inviting features that are present in Dwell bedding for consumers to fall in love with.

Featured Design Firms: DwellStudio

DwellStudio is one of the most recognized new design firms of today, and the company has made a name for itself not only as a leader in design but also as a leader in furnishings as well. Everything from furniture to table linens can be credited to the company, and much of their style for their products is based on simplicity and bold design that does not rely on lavishness or a lot of fancy frills to get noticed. There is much more to the basis of this design company than meets the eye, and there is much to know about the interior design business as a whole.
If you are looking to transform the look of your living space, introducing modern textile designs from DwellStudio into the fabrics that are in your home is the best way to go. There are so many designs and fabrics available that set the bar for designers to follow, and the leaders in the industry are the ones who take a chance with a new expressionism of simplicity and boldness at the same time. The company uses the finest textiles, fabrics, materials, and linens for every one of their products, and they use the best woods, plastics, and metals for their other product lines such as furniture and home accessories, too.
One of the things that makes DwellStudio so unique is the fact that they utilize the appealing attraction of simplicity to catch the eyes of customers. In contrast to the ornate lavish trends that we saw in the early 1900s, the styles that the company uses today are vastly simple but startlingly eye-catching as well. As opposed to a duvet fully covered in a pattern of bright, little flowers, their style is to instead use one large stark flower right in the middle of the duvet and that is it (as an example). The colors they choose are soothing and natural as opposed to forced and overly bright.
One of the most popular materials to use for linens today is Egyptian cotton. Sheets that are woven from 100% Egyptian cotton are very soft and also very durable as well. Bedding that is reactive printed so that it keeps its saturated bright colors is used by Dwellstudio. For Egyptian cotton fabrics, it is recommended that the bedding be washed in the washing machine and taken out of the dryer when it is still just a bit damp. Placing them on the bed to finish drying will help reduce wrinkles when it is dry, all without ever plugging in an iron.
If you find that you have grown tired of the same old trends, the same old patterns, and the same overly-chaotic styles that are reminiscent of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, you will find that the products that are designed by DwellStudio are refreshingly simple.

Shopping for the Best Cribs and Accessories

Cribs and accessories today can be found in all kinds of styles and designs, and in order for a shopper to be able to get a good look at everything that is available to them out there, it is necessary to shop online and browse the entire global marketplace for fashions. Cribs and accessories are bought and sold all over the world every day, and you’ll want to get in on the action in order to find the very best possible products for your baby and your home. Whether you choose a retro design, a shabby chic motif, or an elegant, simple theme to decorate your baby’s room in, you can find everything you could ever need via the Internet. Thanks to the ability of the World Wide Web to bring a global marketplace into our living rooms, you can now have the world literally at your fingertips to shop. This of course means that your opportunities to find the perfect ensembles are endless.
Cribs and accessories are available to complement any type of décor, whether it is a traditional theme, a modern and contemporary theme, or something else. You can be sure that you find the best products at the best prices as long as you shop around first. One good rule of thumb to follow is to always shop around online before you buy, just as you would do if you were shopping at a traditional shopping mall instead of shopping online.
As far as baby bedding and linens go, there are several different types of prints in thousands of different styles that will certainly compliment any décor and motif. One of the most popular motifs for modern baby bedding is a wild animal print. It can be tiger, zebra, or giraffe, but the animal prints are hot, and a nursery to compliment wild animal motifs can include anything that has to do with a rainforest or jungle, which can be a lot of fun. Another popular theme these days for modern baby bedding is Noah’s Ark. Although the Noah’s Ark bedding has been around for quite a while, it continues to be popular and the design always seems to update to stay modern and not dated.
Baby cribs and bedding are also following the latest trends of being as “natural” as possible, which means that from the color to the material to the lack of chemicals, the natural trend for furniture means a healthier retreat back to the simple aspects of decorating.

Shopping at Furniture Stores Online

Finding modern bedding at furniture stores online will bring to shoppers an expansive division of textiles that range from simple, light linens to major home furnishings. Different fabrics and materials such as taffeta and silk, cotton and polyester are used today and are presented in designs that are natural, geometric, chic, modern, retro, and others as well. What is really great about decorating trends today is the fact that designs can be bold and bright or simple and light in color, and furniture stores online are some of the most shopped retail venues today.
One of the biggest trends seen at furniture stores online lately in modern bedding has to do with the simplicity of the bed structure. Design this year has deemed the platform bed as one of the biggest new trends for the home. Platform beds that are decorated with modern bedding have a charming, yet sophisticated look. The lines that make the platform beds so popular are simple. The idea of the platform bed is taken from the Asian trend of having the bed as close to the ground as possible. This look has evolved as a modern bedding style that is popular in Europe and in the United States.
Furniture stores online with a large assortment of platform beds and bedding really do see a lot of business, especially from fashion-savvy shoppers. While some platform beds are simply a literal “box” that fits around the mattress, others are more elaborate (yet still simple) designs that can be found in any variety of colors. Some are grander and more detailed than others, balanced with simple modern bedding, and others are more straight and geometric in design, accented with bold colors and lines. Even if you are not sure that you like the style of the platform beds, you are sure to find all kinds of furniture in other designs and styles at online furniture stores too.
Everything from accent pieces to appliances and everyday furniture like sofas and dining sets can be found on the Internet for sale, whether they be from private sellers or from large retail shopping center websites. If you are searching for anything new for your home, no matter what the style is you are sure to find something you love that suits not only your style well but also suits the style of your family well. Online furniture stores are the way to go for easy, convenient, and fun shopping.

notNeutral: Perfect Design for the Home

notNeutral is one of the top emerging decorating and design firms in the country, and although it is young it is already known throughout the nation for its interior design with urban flair. Architectural work, landscape architecture, exhibit and product design are its trademarks, and the many talents that culminate to create this company are all rolled beautifully into one firm. One of the most unique traits of the notNeutral firm is the pattern of colors and designs that they use- they have available to their credit everything from linens to children’s furniture to 700-seat entertainment venues.
Although notNeutral is notable for several different designs of theirs, there are a few that seem to really stand out. The designs for their bedding are generally playful, simple, and graceful- often all at the same time. Not only are the designs created with the child in mind, but they are also created with parents in mind as well- for example, a child’s bed might have a storage bench or toy box at the end of it. The bedding that the company makes to complement their beds and furniture is made of organic cotton and has a poly blend fill, being made with non-toxic and biodegradable so they are very healthy and not harmful at all to children.
In addition, their children’s furniture includes different types of pieces such as child-size tables and chairs in beautiful and attractive colors that children love. Colors such as ozone blue, lotus green, and persimmon orange are popular, and in their most popular collections the tables are all dark sable. Thermoplastic polymer paint and polyurethane finishes are used, and their furniture is oil resistant and is also extremely easy to clean. In addition to beds, tables, and chairs, dressers and end tables as well as other pieces of furniture are available to complete the look of any room, whether it be a child’s room or an adult’s room.
notNeutral has furniture that is not only classy but is also functional, affordable, and durable. The functionality and attractiveness of all of their products is unsurpassed, and it is becoming easy to spot these distinct notNeutral products amongst other products by other companies.

Fall and Autumn Trends for Home Décor

With every changing season comes new trends and looks for the home, and this season is no exception. Soft, warm, and inviting home furnishings are always in style at this time of year, and some of the most popular brands of home décor and furnishings have launched their fall home collections, which have loyal consumers clamoring for the latest styles.
As far as colors go, the earthy, neutral tones of spring and summer are giving way to bolder colors like black, grey, red, and even white. These three colors together blend perfectly to create a warm yet bold and interesting collage for homes that are dressed either in traditional décor or in modern contemporary décor. Using the black and grey as main colors with red as the accent color is one of the most popular trends this season, and what is really great about the three colors together is that they look very fashionable throughout the entire year, not just in one season or another.
In addition to color, materials are in style that are high grade such as wool, boucle, silk, genuine leather, and of course cotton. What is new recently for these materials though is the use of organics like cotton. There are many benefits to using organic materials other than the comfort that they provide. The lack of chemicals and toxins like pesticides and fertilizers means that none of those harmful substances are absorbed into the body through the skin. Many baby products are now made with organic materials. The natural and luxurious feel of this material couples with safety and peace of mind for a flawless combination, whether we are talking about infant clothing or linens and bedding fit for a king.
Modern décor also infuses with soft organics the bold, strong look of metal, and not much is needed to create a modern Mecca of flawless design and décor. Shiny, beautiful metal paired with bold plastics also contributes to the warm and bold looks for this fall, so have fun being bold with metals and soft with fabrics this season.

Cool Fall Designs for Modern Bedding

With the summer of 2009 having come and gone, many of us are turning our attention to our homes as we put away the patio umbrellas and stock the pantry with hot chocolate. Many people enjoy changing up their bedding with the changing of the seasons, and fortunately there is a huge variety of patterns, materials, colors, textures, and designs that the linens and bedding are available in. There are a lot of great designers that present beautiful modern bedding collections to us this fall which include the likes of Matteo, DwellStudio, and others. These and other top design firms offer solid colors, simple geometric patterns, and sophisticated designs. Some of the most popular items that people love to dress their beds up in include coverlets, bed skirts, comforters, quilts, duvets, and more. It seems that there are patterns and designs that are more popular than others every year, and for autumn of this year we are seeing simple bold stripes and either natural solid colors or bold and bright patterns.
There are so many different ways that top designers have integrated these patterns into their products for the fall, and there is surely something for everyone out there. From bold, fat stripes to thin, light pin stripes, which type of patterns you end up using for your home will ultimately depend on your own sense of style. Natural, earthy tones are en vogue this season and include warm golds, sheering burgundies, and soothing browns. Small repeating patterns that flood bedding are not chic this season, but single expressions of larger patterns are more popular. Part of the appeal of designs for fall include the simplicity in design with bedding standing out against a more bold background, topped off with dramatic yet understated accessories.
The key idea today for posh designs for autumn includes not being afraid to try something new. Using organic materials like 100% organic cotton is also thick in the trends today, not only because of the softness of them but also because of their durability, manageability, and healthful benefits. The dyes that are used are non-toxic and have no harmful ingredients that are absorbed into the skin, lending favor to a truly restful and comfortable good night’s sleep.

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