Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Queen Of Love

The Queen sat on her own throne, thinking of the LOVE that colored her life: was it Pink, Red, White, Orange,Yellow, Green, Blue or Black? and she realized that LOVE was not a matter of shades, but a rainbow of colors that would have shown ever after...

The Queen Of Love chair is one of our hottest new items. This modern outdoor lounge chair has caused quite a traffic jam at both our Miami and NYC locations with people stopping theirs cars to photograph them all day. They are perfect for either indoor or outdoor use being made of recyclable linear polyethylene and are also UV resistant to protect from fading from the sun when you have them on your terrace or around your pool. Look for them soon at the hottest hotels and clubs in Miami. You can also see them from a mile away high up on Bobby's balcony at his home in Miami. They've gotten quite the attention up there!

And of course something this sexy could only be made in Italy!
W40 x D35 x H43"