Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Retro Revival

Norman Copenhagen BIKE

Pop culture has come a long way since the days of Mary Tyler Moore and tie-dye shirts. Yet in spite of how far we've gone, there is something interesting about the world predating legwarmers and Members Only jackets. Though we can't travel back in time, we do have some nostalgic selections from our collection that will give you that warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside.

Sagaform has an interesting series of wares for the kitchen with a retro motif that's reminiscent of the 50's. Check out their Retro Teacup and Saucer ($17) and matching Teapot ($40), or Retro Side Plate ($12). As long as we're in this time period, take a peek at the Magno Medium Radio ($270) by Singgih Kartono. Anyone looking to go retro in the bedroom will be delighted to have DwellStudio's Silhouette Cocoa Duvet Set ($40 - $170), which bears a 60's decorative styling pattern. Kids can share in the retro trip with their Dots Chocolate Duvet Set ($30 - $166). The simple single-color Caravan Dresser ($1,495) by Kalon Studios is also a nice throwback to funkier days.

It's been said before but Alice Supply Co. is a hallmark of 70's culture. They are especially proud of their Striped Toilet Plunger ($22), whose bright and colorful design captures the energy of that time in the world. They also have an equally impressive Striped Mat ($32), as well as a myriad of housecleaning supplies. For more retro styling, stop by our website!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Have Pot, Will Cook

Thomas Paul Sea Life Coaster Set

There is nothing more euphoric than stepping foot into the breathtaking kitchen of your dreams, and a big step to getting there is finding the right cookware and accessories. Today we have some eye-catching selections from our Kitchen and Dining collection that will accent your cooking space with class and style.

Normann Copenhagen is the cornerstone of modern metal when it comes to kitchenwares. Their Familia series of pots and pans ($225 - $425) and Normann Knives ($81 - $120) look sleek in any cooking environment. Their Normann Cutlery ($26 - $120) is a curious contrast from their knives in terms of aesthetic form, but their presence in the dining room is equally impressive.

Sagaform is especially prominent in the kitchen with their wide selection of wares. Their Edge Mortar ($50) is a fun accessory for the hardcore cook who likes to grind their own herbs and spices. Use the Hold Cookpage Page Holder ($30) for those books that just won't stay open. Their Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board ($30) makes a great display piece, though the Lazy Susan ($35) is there if you prefer something a little simpler.

Design House Stockholm has an outstanding collection of modern glassware. The Timo Glass 4-Pack ($32) looks suave and can hold both hot and cold drinks. The Fia Carafe ($69) is an eye-popping work of art in itself, as is their Rondo Small Jug ($26). For wine connoisseurs looking for something a little more traditional, the Globe Glass Set of 4 ($50 - $60) retains the simple but elegant form of the classic drinking glass.

From the mind of Thomas Paul comes a line of fanciful plates whose classical designs are perfect for those looking for a more traditional feel to their home. The Sea Life ($32) and Portland Dessert Plate Sets ($32) feature a different color for each plate in the set. The Scrimshaw Dinner Plate Set ($40) is fitting for anyone who has a soft spot for the sea. The Hong Kong Dinner Plate Set ($28) is reminiscent of the blue and white ceramics of old Kowloon, and is an excellent choice for people looking for something exotic.

That's only the tip of the iceberg. Stop by our website to check out our full lineup of wares!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

And Everything In Its Place

Omni+ Prism in Green

Too much stuff lying around the house? Don't like that toaster you got for Christmas? Fear not, for we've got the remedy. Today we present to you storage solutions for just about anything and everything in your home, whether it be your book and movie collections or your kids' toys. Check it out!

Eastvold's playful nature is present in their kid-friendly Toy Box ($377) and Art Box ($377). Adults and big kids will find that same playfulness in their Cube ($690), which will make any ordinary wall far from ordinary.

Omni+ has a great lineup of media centers that combine sensibility with style. Their Prism ($499) features a trapezoidal shape unique to its form, and it comes in three fashionable flavors. The Link series ($99 - $699) offer a great level of flexibility by allowing you to rearrange compartments as needed. Their Shadow series ($399) is perfect for anyone looking for a simple and open design.

temahome enjoys playing with space and form in their work, and both are wonderfully presented in their Crest Medium High Unit ($1,175) and Shell Rotative Shelf Unit ($675). Both allow for a 360 exhibition of your books and collectibles.

Lot 61 is there to make sure that your wine and bottle collection has a place to stay. Their Up Bar ($1,900) is great for smaller collections, and for the truly hardcore: the Wine Armorie ($1,850)!

For more storage solutions, head over to our website!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

May Flowers Not Guaranteed

Kontextür Moondance Shades of Gold Shower Curtain

When it comes to home decor, so much focus is placed on furniture, dining, and bedding that the bathroom seldom gets the attention it so deserves. This week, give your bathroom some love. Add a touch of style with some great entries from our modern collection of bathroom linens, shower curtains, and whatnot.

Evolve stands at the top of the ladder when it comes to shower heads. The Roadrunner ($39.95) --designed to be eco-friendly, easy on the water bill, and elegant in form-- is one of several in their collection that uses their integrated ShowerStart technology. The Panda ($59.95) model is especially a great choice for those who like the natural feel of rainfall.

Kontextür will amaze you with their collection of eye-catching shower curtains for the 21st century. Their Happiness Silver Petals design ($180) is a fine fusion of elegance, beauty, and modernity. If you prefer a more classical flavor, then you will love Blissliving Home's London Shower Curtain ($125). Anyone with an eye for contemporary eye-popping colors will be delighted to have DwellStudio's Transportation Multi Shower Curtain ($66).

Once you're clean, you can dry off in style: we have quite a wide variety of styles when it comes to bath towels. Organic enthusiasts will go wild for Joel Fitzpatrick's Kind Towels ($13 - $95) or LOOP organic's Turkish Towels ($10 - $62). Like the feeling of soft silk on your skin? Kumi Kookoon answers the call with their Silk Bath Towels ($25 - $135). Last but not least, Normann Copenhagen's Tile Towels ($101 - $267) are the perfect choice for people who have a fondness for pure simplicity.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seeing Red

Design House Stockholm Step in Red

Red is an amazing color: it is a symbol of energy, love, life, and passion... all the right elements for an eye-catching home. Here are some fun highlights from our collection that will add some excitement your living space with this season's hottest color.

Blissliving Home features a vibrant red Post Box Pillow ($85) from their London collection that will stand out in any room. Representing France is Rouge du Rhin and their Sundsvall Red in White Linen ($125). Go further east and you will find Bholu, whose handcrafted Dharti Pillow in Red and Cream ($136) is a proud product of India.

Looking for seating? The Chair One Cement ($886) by Magis is an elegant fusion of function and form, as is Linvin's fab-as-always Queen of Love in Red Passion ($895). John Beck Steel delivers pure simplicity in the form of the Solid Bench ($1,200).

Those looking for decor will be intrigued by the vibrancy in the 1951 ($72) and Lotus ($72) Wall Arts by Inhabit Living. Blissliving Home's Buddha Head Red Candle ($45) will add warmth and coziness to any room.

The bright minds behind Design House Stockholm do a fun take on modern design with the Step Ladder ($295) and Arrow Hanger ($40), as does Magis and their Poppins Umbrella Stand ($168). No dinner table is complete without Droog's Red Revisited Bowls and Plates Set ($408). For more red, hop over to our website!

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Clean Sweep with Alice

Alice Supply Co.

March is finally here, which means spring is just around the corner. It also means that it's time to get ready to get your spring cleaning done. Thankfully, sweeping floors and dusting shelves doesn't have to be a drab. Alice Supply Co. has a funky selection of cleaning supplies that will make doing chores a little more fun.

Brush off the last of the winter blues with their Striped Dustpan and Brush Set ($40), which features vibrant colors that are totally groovy. Also comes in Woodgrain ($40) for those who prefer an old country aesthetic, Camo for people who like to hide in their backyards ($40), and just Green ($40) or Orange ($40) for those looking for a contemporary springtime flair. Need something with a little more reach? Go with a full 60" corn broom, available in Striped ($26) and Camo ($26).

Rule the world with the black-and-white Nautical Plunger ($22), also available in Striped ($22) and Camo ($22). Finally, complete the set with a Striped Bucket ($36)!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Guest Post: CAPREE KIMBALL from My Adventure is Your Advantage

This week, we have the distinct pleasure to post an article written by Capree Kimball, blogger extraordinaire and owner of My Adventure is Your Advantage. Capree's blog about her daily adventures in modern design is full of passion and optimism- the bright side of Modernism! Today Capree shares with us her thoughts on the emerging color trends for 2011.

Check back often for more blog posts from esteemed members of our design community- posted the first of every month. 


Pantone's color of the year, Honeysuckle, has been met with mixed feelings across the design realm.  While I'm still on the fence about it when it comes to using this bold, pink hue in my home, there's no denying it has inspired the top palettes and color trends for 2011.  So, let's see how this all trickles down, shall we?

Better Homes & Gardens recently released a collection of designer-curated palettes for the new year that have a definite late-80s vibe.  Grey mixed with pink, melon and citrus-y green, plum and cream... all freshly updated for 2011!  The Honeysuckle equivalent here is Benjamin Moore's Florida Pink (think plastic flamingos and/or sunburned retirees).  It's big and bold... and here to stay.

Last week, it was heard through the wire that Pantone announced the fashion color report for Fall 2011: rich corals, peacock blues, tempered nougat, and icy silvers all team up with, you guessed it, Honeysuckle.  The Fall Fashion Report is released after a survey of all the designs coming out of New York Fashion Week, a good indicator of what the hot colors for home decor will be in the next year or two.

So, how do you bring it all home?  Sit back, relax, and soak in the following roundup of furniture and accessories that you can add to your decor now, and ride out the new color trends in style:

2. Geo Birdhouse by Areaware - $95
3. Oxford Rose Pillow by Blissliving - $75
4. Blue Lockwood Chair by Misewell - $365
5. Rochelle Sofa by Gus Modern - $1999
6. Parrot Speakers in Kiwi by Philippe Starck - $1600
7. La Couronne Pendant Light by Artecnica - $139
8. Tetra 3 Six-Drawer Low Cabinet by notNeutral - $2199
9. POD Planters by Pad Outdoor - $164 - $174