Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seeing Red

Design House Stockholm Step in Red

Red is an amazing color: it is a symbol of energy, love, life, and passion... all the right elements for an eye-catching home. Here are some fun highlights from our collection that will add some excitement your living space with this season's hottest color.

Blissliving Home features a vibrant red Post Box Pillow ($85) from their London collection that will stand out in any room. Representing France is Rouge du Rhin and their Sundsvall Red in White Linen ($125). Go further east and you will find Bholu, whose handcrafted Dharti Pillow in Red and Cream ($136) is a proud product of India.

Looking for seating? The Chair One Cement ($886) by Magis is an elegant fusion of function and form, as is Linvin's fab-as-always Queen of Love in Red Passion ($895). John Beck Steel delivers pure simplicity in the form of the Solid Bench ($1,200).

Those looking for decor will be intrigued by the vibrancy in the 1951 ($72) and Lotus ($72) Wall Arts by Inhabit Living. Blissliving Home's Buddha Head Red Candle ($45) will add warmth and coziness to any room.

The bright minds behind Design House Stockholm do a fun take on modern design with the Step Ladder ($295) and Arrow Hanger ($40), as does Magis and their Poppins Umbrella Stand ($168). No dinner table is complete without Droog's Red Revisited Bowls and Plates Set ($408). For more red, hop over to our website!

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