Friday, March 26, 2010

Let the Sunshine In!

For a coffee table that functions as a handy surface in additional to being a piece of modern art; look no further than the Arktura Hive Coffee Table. This striking table is made of laser-cut steel which is super durable, easy to clean, and sturdy as could be. Designed by Chris Kabatsi the table is also available in orange, black, and sea green. Let the sunshine in, and you reveal the coolest feature of the table; which is the inverse pattern that the shadow creates on your floor. The algorithmic design process used by Arktura creates a very natural beautiful and visually appealing graphic quality. Arktura’s products are some of the most visited pieces in the showroom and the Arktura Bloom Bowl will be featured in a nationwide Microsoft advertisement coming out later this year. So elegant and beautiful this coffee table takes

Unexpected Guests?

The James Lounge by GUS modern is the perfect seating solution for anybody with a studio or if you seem to always have guests stopping in for a quick stay. A striking and comfortable sofa by day; the back cushions can be removed to reveal a comfy twin-sized bed by night! The James Lounge is available in the ever so handsome menswear fabric as well as a gorgeous white vinyl. Super-durable yet inviting; this item comes pre-treated so those unavoidable and accidental spills will not have to live on your sofa forever more. Its super clean lines and modern proportions make it the perfect focal point for any space, and a handy addition you will be glad you made! If you happen to be in New York City come by the SoHo showroom to check it out in person; you are sure to fall in love with it as well!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tempaper Reusable Wallpaper!

Spring is here, and what better way to freshen your space than with Tempaper Reusable Wallpaper? This revolutionary new product is removable, reusable, and re-positionable vinyl-coated wallpaper. It has the same look, feel, and aesthetic as traditional wallpaper, but none of the hassling drawbacks! It is available in an array of patterns and colors so you are sure to find something to compliment your d├ęcor. Perfect for creating a quick and bold accent wall; it is the perfect way to make a noticeable change to your space easily. Tempaper is also the perfect solution for renters looking to personalize their space without a major hassle, and when you are ready to move; Tempaper is ready to come with you!

Dope Dodo Rocking Chairs

Maybe we still have Alice in Wonderland fever, but these Dodo Rocking chairs make us have completely made our morning. They're suitable for inside use or out and it is quite possible we'll need one for both!
The Magis Dodo Rocking chairs were designed by Oiva Toikka who is best known for his collections of glass birds. He brought the breakable to practical for our tiny tots with these giant colorful rockers.
Although there's no chance of these Dodos coming to life, we do think they'll still steal the show and be an unusual and timeless piece to add to your collection. They're available from Bobby Berk Home for $235 in yellow, blue, white or red.

Via Sarah Rae Trover at Apartment Therapy's Ohdeedoh

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Current Trends in Modern Bedroom Furniture

The current trends in modern bedroom furniture for the last few years have centered on simple, clean lines and curves and sharp cornered geometric shapes. Square shaped platform beds and crescent shaped nightstands are big sellers, as are simple little wall art hangings and accessories carefully dotted throughout the room. Although many people still insist on using night tables, with platform beds they are usually phased out and instead are extensions of the modern platform beds. Some of the platforms extend past the actual mattress and others do not, giving a more modest look to modern bedrooms. In some designs, modern platform bed feet are usually located close to the center of the platform, which seems to give the appearance of the head board and foot board along with the curved shape of the platform having a sophisticated, trendy aura.

With current trends in modern bedroom furniture today, most of the materials that are commonly used are plywood panels and solid timber in warm cherrywood and the very popular wenge finish, depending on the particular style that you are interested in for the room. Although for the last few years the desired look has been clean, crisp and sharp lines, it seems that this year curve is the buzz word. Curved wood panels are commonly used in modern bedrooms, giving them a unique and trendy chic look. A curved dresser, bureau or chest can not only be practical but can also add a unique and fresh flair to an otherwise simplistic room. Although current trends call for simple lines, as always, a room that does not have enough accessories in it just looks bare and unfinished.

One of the newest trends we have seen this season is a white decape finish with furniture, and the use of mirrors and glass can accentuate major colors of any modern bedroom furniture in a room. Mirrors and glass commonly cover the top of the dressers and night stands and are also used these days as a modern trendy finish to wardrobe doors. Everything from one piece lacquered pieces to patterned, all kinds of colors, shades, and sizes are popular this season including smoked, satined, bronzed and white, as previously had been mentioned. Smoke pattern mirrors can create a unique look especially when it is paired with wenge color for the furniture. Bronzed mirrors and glass are commonly paired with country style cherry wood. Finally, one of the current hot trends in modern bedroom furniture is to use break glass in a bronze color.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Modern and Classic Kids Bedding

Kids bedding is one of those things in life that may be expensive, and in a few years parents have to repeat the process of buying all new sets once their children grow out of their present ones. When shopping for the comforters, quilts, sheets and blankets, there are so many thousands of design options that parents can start to sweat when they try to decide which one to buy that their child will be thrilled enough with to go to bed without much of a fuss. Kids interestingly enough seem to like solid colors and bold, simple prints as well as cartoon character bedding, so the real factors that come into play are the price ranges that you are comfortable with, the color scheme you want to stick to and the quality of the products you are paying money for.

Whether you are interested in one of the many classic designs like animals, transportation or princesses or you are searching for modern looks like geometric shapes and solid stripes, you may want to begin your search on the Internet. There are some very informative online resources that can be of great help to you when trying to coordinate color schemes and designs for your little one. Once you have an idea in mind about colors, characters or shapes, you can then start to narrow down which stores or websites have sets that fit your ideal criteria. You might have a store in mind already that you enjoy shopping at that you might want to try. If you are interested in going to auction websites like eBay, you can start there and see what you find.

Just be sure that you are as specific as possible when you are entering your search terms into a search engine or a website. This way you won't waste a lot of time trying to weed through too many kids bedding products that only somewhat meet your criteria. You might be interested in very particular features for the products, such as blue cotton airplane sheets or organic pink princess patterns.

Speaking of organic items, if your little one has a tendency to suffer from allergies or skin irritations you may want to consider purchasing kids bedding that is certified organic. Be careful though, because just because a label has the words organic or natural on it does not mean that it was grown and processed without toxins and chemicals, so you must make sure that your organic kids bedding has a tag or certificate on it that states that it is certified organic and absolutely free of any dangerous toxins and chemicals.