Monday, March 19, 2012

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Latest in Children's Furniture!

Much like Dr. Suess and Pixar, the Training Dresser by Peter Bristol ($1600) is intended for more than one audience. The informative drawers create an engaging dresser for kids and an iconic furniture piece for parents.

This American made, hand crafted cabinet is finished with conversion varnish, and the drawers are maple plywood, dovetailed and finished with clear catalyzed lacquer for additional durability. The drawers are then packaged with care in Eastern Washington by Mountain View Cabinetry. So, not only will you be getting a unique dresser for your child, you'll be getting a sturdy, built to last piece of art. And if that doesn't do it for you, the dresser comes in one design for girls (with skirts and tanks), one for boys (with shorts and t-shirts)! Too cute, right?

Here's to hoping that your children will love these unique drawers so much, they'll be willing to put their clothing away themselves!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Home Yet Interview featuring G. Romano's Rick Lovegrove!

We stumbled onto this article from Home Yet featuring one of our favorite furniture manufacturers here at Bobby Berk Home, Rick Lovegrove from G. Romano. If you read our posts on Facebook, receive our emailers, follow us on Pinterest (yes, we're fans of social media here) then you know that we love the products from G. Romano. They have a variety of fantastic pieces, from mid-century modern tufted sofas to down filled sectionals. Their endless configurations and fabric options make them a fantastic choice when looking for your new piece, which is often a difficult decision to make. Keep reading to see what tips and suggestions he has for choosing the right sofa for your home.

What are the most important things consumers should look for and ask about when shopping for upholstery?
Rick Lovegrove:
Asking where a sofa, sectional or chair is made is a great place to start. Ask the retail sales associate the following: Where is the product made? What’s the frame construction and warranty on the product? What can you tell me about the company that makes it? Are eco-friendly components being used in the construction? Our dealers love to tell their customers that G. Romano furniture is being made just for them by a family business that has been manufacturing upholstery since 1962.

What are the most important trends in upholstery right now?
We see two major design directions: Organic Modernism and Edgy Traditional. Organic Modernism is a clean, uncluttered look, yet with a softer, warmer approach to modern. Feather-filled seating is key. The look has an airy/loft feel. There are no matching sofa sets here—this is for a more eclectic setting. Meanwhile, Edgy Traditional looks of the past, yet offers an updated approach to scale and fabric application. Here, tufting is a key feature.

What about color and pattern … what looks right for 2012?
Soft, linen neutrals and menswear flannels continue to lead the way. Color is creeping back in as an accent, however, with orange, citron and navy as complements to charcoal- and platinum-colored sofas.

Well, Rick.... you really hit the nail on the head.