Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A little bedtime bliss is all the rage for summer and fall

Your bedroom experience should always be blissful. The Amelie Green Duvet Set by Blissliving home is among several collections that will do just that. Lofty aspirations scale high in graphic treetop silhouettes layered in tonal greens over a gradated background in fresh green cloud-soft cotton sateen. Matching pillow shams suggest a canopy of cascading branches. And should you prefer a look that's a little more grounded, the entire set reverses to solid sage green. This collection adds just the right relaxing touch for either summer or spring.

Be sure to look at the Anis Yellow, Amanda Green, Ayanna, Harajuku, Kennedy, Ashley Gray, Amanda Purple, Mallory Colbalt, Corina, West Lake, Audrey, Amelie, Icelandic Dream, Pia, Mallory Aqua, Kew, and Saville duvet sets by Blisshome Living.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who said "Blocks" are just for kids?

The 3 Block Stools/Cubes by Kalon Studios inspire the same enthusiasm that building blocks did for all of us as children. The versatility of form found in these blocks allows the user to find a variety of uses for a wide range of situations. Whether you require extra seating for a dinner party, a beautiful side table, a place to rest your feet or a playground for your cats – this set of 3 Nesting Stools is designed to adapt to your needs.

Kalon Studios artfully plays with archetypal forms including the circle, the line and the cube.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The perfect modern accent to add texture and dimension you your living space

The Ricami Stool/Side Table by Arktura is the perfect accent to any living space. Its laser cut metal design reflects light and cast eye catching shadows that add just the right amount of texture to a simple space.

The Ricami Stool/Table is part of a comprehensive research study on the relationship between fashion and architecture. Ricami, the Italian name for embroidery, is a term that connotes the fusion of variegated figurations and ornaments through intricate and delicate connections. It involves notions of scale and transparency gradients. Its visual sensibility emerges from the fusion of digital design aesthetic and laser machine processes applied to a monolithic materiality.

GM's new Chevy Volt: A gas guzzler it ain't

A Chevy Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicle is displayed during a press confernce anouncing that the car will get an estimated 230 miles per gallon in city driving August 11, 2009 in Warren, Michigan. The announcement was made during a public webcast Henderson held for the media and consumers to update them on the "New GM.

General Motors said Tuesday its Chevrolet Volt electric car could get 230 miles per gallon in city driving, making it the first American vehicle to achieve triple-digit fuel economy if that figure is confirmed by federal regulators. A glance:

How does it work? The Volt is powered by an electric motor and a battery pack with a 40-mile range. After that, an internal combustion engine kicks in to generate electricity for a total range of 300 miles.

How will it be recharged? A standard home outlet will do the job. Charging the battery pack takes eight hours with a 120-volt outlet, three hours with a 240-volt outlet.

When will it be available? Late 2010. But two critical areas — battery life and the electronic switching between battery and engine power — still are being refined.

How much will it cost? About $40,000. But the price is expected to drop, and up to $7,500 in tax credits are available.

Curbed: FiDi/Chinatown/LES Waterfront Ready For Its Makeover

[Remade vision for Pier 35 on the Lower East Side. Courtesy SHoP]
Downtown, it's groundbreaking day for a new portion of the East River Waterfront that's ready for its makeover. What that means for us: hot renderings (above) from those genius architects at SHoP of a distant future in which a now totally inaccessible waterfront transforms into a home for yachts, happy children, and bikinis.
The first phase of the project centers on the two-mile stretch from the Battery Maritime Building near the tip of Manhattan to Pier 35 at the edge of the Lower East Side and is focused on improving the existing esplanade. But they're also planning on building a tripped-out new Pier 15 at Maiden Lane (to replace the Pier 15 demolished earlier this decade), and renovating Pier 35 into "an innovative habitat restoration park," which, per the renderings, looks pretty damn awesome. Oh, and there will be waterfront steps at select locations, "to provide visitors the opportunity to get closer to the water’s edge." Good times.
[The brand new Pier 15 down in the FiDi. Courtesy SHoP]

Here's a more detailed rundown from the press materials:
The first phase of the project will improve the existing esplanade from the Battery Maritime Building to Pier 35 to safely accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists. It will feature new plantings, seating and lighting, a dedicated bikeway and visitor-friendly designs.
The esplanade between the Battery Maritime Building and Old Slip will be extended out over the water, allowing for safe passage along a widened sidewalk and bikeway. Pier 15 at Maiden Lane, which was demolished in 2001, will be reconstructed as a two-level pier reminiscent of the two-level piers that used to line the East River in the late 19th century. It will feature maritime uses on the lower level with boat docking facilities on three sides and a maritime educational component. The upper level will feature lawns and seating for passive recreation. Pier 35 at Rutgers Slip will be renovated and open to the public to provide much-needed landscaped space along the waterfront. Pier 35 will also an innovative habitat restoration park, funded by a grant from the New York State Department of State Division of Coastal Resources, which will recreate the native plants and wildlife of the East River. Waterfront steps will be created at Wall Street, Pike Slip, and Rutgers Slip to provide visitors the opportunity to get closer to the water’s edge...
The second phase of the plan calls for the construction of the Battery Maritime Plaza, conversion of Pier 42 at Montgomery Street to public use as an urban beach and boat launch, and completion of the widening of the esplanade from Peck Slip to Pike Slip. When complete, the East River Esplanade will be a critical link in the continuation of the Manhattan Greenway.
We're hoping to chat SHoP up about all this shortly, so if you've got any questions, drop 'em in the comments.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nurse away the blues with a drink from this home bar

Sometimes a stiff drink at home is just what the doctor has ordered. The Melli Compact Lounge by Urbancase is slim, wall mounted and provides storage for your favorite elixir. Bar tools are included but the liquor is not. The laminate work surface is easy to clean and great to look at. In case you need a nightcap...the soft open hinges prevent the door from slamming shut, so as not to disturb anyone else in the home that may be sleeping.

Not your mothers broom and dustpan

Former fashion industry executives Maria Barnes and Raili Clasen, took a trip south of the border last year and found themselves exploring the shelves of a dusty old hardware store pulling down brightly colored buckets and obsessing over the neon bristled brooms.
A couple of margaritas later, they gave birth to the concept of taking mundane household items and giving them a little personality (which they also gained after a couple of drinks)
Best friends from college, Maria and Raili, leveraging their 30 years of combined experience set out to turn blah into rah....
Giving a nostalgic not to the Brady Bunch's witty housekeeper, Alice Supply Co. has even the domestically challenged sweeping and plunging. Alice has injected a fashionable dose of color and humor into the bleached-out abyss of household cleaning supplies, and hopefully making chores a little less laborious.

Let There Be (Flash)Light

SWITCH: We know you’re very attached to that yellow-and-black plastic monstrosity from Home Depot, but this beechwood flashlight designed by Jonas Damon for Areaware is just as powerful, way more eco-friendly, and powers with an energy-efficient LED bulb. Bonus: Its minimalist aesthetic means you can display it as an object, not bury it in the depths of your kitchen drawer (which sucks in a blackout). Available at Bobby Berk Home, 59 Crosby Street near Spring Street ; 646-233-3438.

Kalon Studios Named as One of the Top 100 Eco Designs in the World in Time Magazine's "Green Design 100" Issue

This is the first time TIME Magazine Style & Design has singled out a DESIGN 100 focused entirely on the top 100 best and brightest in environmentally conscious design from around the globe.

"The Green Design 100 - Sustainable Luxury - Call it responsibility or accountability. Or simple popular demand. The rarefied world of design is embracing the environment as never before. Top architects are implementing revolutionary methods. Fashion and furniture mainstays are manufacturing products using sustainable materials. And luxury empires are establishing credos on issues their customers are still waking up to. Behind the scenes, trailblazing executives are taking big risks to make it all happen — beautifully."

"Kalon Studios is named after the Greek word meaning beautiful and noble. Fittingly, this L.A.-based company strives for a near Platonic ideal in both design and production. The bamboo crib, like Kalon Studios pieces for adults, is 100% sustainable, creating not a stitch of wasted material, energy or labor."

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sophisticated and chic furnishings: SoHo: Bobby Berk Home, Manhattan

Tanvier Lee
Manhattan Interior Design Examiner

Neighborhood: SoHo

59 Crosby Street (btw. Broome & Spring Street)

Pricing: $$-$$$

What can we say about Bobby Berk Home other than fabulous!

Bobby Berk Home is a quaint showroom based in SoHo that offers hand selected items from around the world. Whether you have a quiet or eccentric style, Bobby Berk Home offers items to satisfy all styles.

What makes BBH unique is their representation of urban sophistication. Many of their products are fresh and innovative that will surely redefine your space. Functioning as a one stop shop, their showroom features an assortment of products including: eco friendly decor, furniture, accessories, pet decor, lighting, and bedding.

Bobby Berk Home presents New York City modern living through fine furniture and home accessories. With customizable features and an eye for minimal aesthetic, no home will look drab after incorporating their decor.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Gus Furniture: Modern Simplicity at its Best

Inspired by simple forms and quality craftsmanship, Gus furniture is modern furnishings at the very pinnacle of its design. Simple, durable construction and durable, luxurious designs are at the center of every piece that the company creates. Gus furniture is already well known for its accent pieces, modern furnishings, and its accessories, and the result of every idea that the team has is a beautiful mix of beauty and industry. Practicality and aesthetics reign supreme, and following is just a small sample of the work that this company does.

The Delano XL Sofa incorporates soft, plush tufted leather with a sturdy and strong frame of stainless steel. This sofa is overly-sized in order to comfortably seat three people, at least. There are three shades that the sofa is available in- rich espresso, fresh white, and classic black. These colors are available to complement any modern home décor, and also is fantastic when paired with its Delano lounge chair and other accessories by Gus.

Next is the Drake coffee table in white lacquer. Those who consider themselves minimalists will be enthralled with the clean and simple design of the piece. The open frame is stainless steel, which provides impeccable stability, and the gleaming white table top brings the entire piece into the very definition of modernism. Many use the table along with the white lacquer pawn stool to accentuate living room furnishings such as sofas, chairs, and other accessories that are also from Gus furniture. In addition to highlighting white furniture, the table also offers a striking contrast to rooms when it is used along with black furniture as well.

What modern living space would be complete without lighting? The frosted hanging light by Gus furniture is one that will demand attention from everyone upon entering the room. Sleek, sharp angles and clean lines define modern lighting at its best. This design is rectangular in shape and houses two bulbs. The shade is a clear acrylic one, and is suspended from two cables that attach to a stainless steel ceiling plate. There is eight feet of electrical cord that is included for easy hanging, convenient wiring, and quick set-up. The ceiling plate mounts quickly and easily to the electrical source so that giving a room an entirely new ambiance is a breeze. These are just three examples of some of the finest examples of modern furnishings and accessories that Gus Modern furniture is all about, so for more products you can visit the Bobby Berk website online.

Quality Modern Baby Furniture: The Best for your Little One

Shopping for modern baby furniture is one of the most fun, most fulfilling, and most exciting aspects of preparing for the arrival of a little one. The experience of making ready for the small bundle of joy is one that will be remembered always, and there are many things that need to be taken into consideration to ensure that the products that are bought are soothing, comforting, of good quality, and are attractive not only to the baby, but also to the décor of the home and to the tastes of the family as well.
Providing comfort to a child is super important, and quality modern baby furniture leaves no room for compromising. Once colors are decided on and walls have been painted, many parents then turn to choosing a theme for the décor. They may already have something in particular in mind, or they may turn to their favorite designer collections for inspiration. Styles for infant nurseries have changed dramatically from one generation to the next, and the look of today demands a contemporary décor that is uncluttered, simple, stylish, and still every bit as adorable and fashionable as ever.
There are many styles of cribs that are available to those who are shopping for modern baby furniture, and they range from traditional side-lowering rectangular cribs to oval-shaped ones to those that “grow” with the child. Multiple features and multiple functions ensure that the crib will be one piece of furniture that will be useful for many years.
Today, gliders and ergonomically designed chairs have replaced the traditional rocking chairs that used to be a staple in every nursery corner, and these can also be found in many different styles. Changing tables seemed to have gone to the wayside for several years, but are now back and better than ever. Many of them, to save room in nurseries, are attached to portable cribs, play yards, and standard cribs and are available in everything from bamboo to solid wood and other materials as well.
One of the biggest trends in modern baby furniture is to use materials that have been recycled or are organic. They are not treated before or after production with harmful chemicals or toxins, and any dyes that are used are also natural. Parents realize the potentially harmful effects that these chemicals may cause with their infants, and more than ever before are specifically searching for products that are certified to be all-natural. With so many new and exciting products on the horizon for modern baby furniture, it is no wonder that so many shoppers have the time of their lives shopping for them.

Dwellstudio Bed Linens: Primo Modern Design for Today’s Style

Dwellstudio bed linens are some of the best-selling, most in-demand bedding ensembles and pieces that this year has seen. There are several reasons to attest to the company’s popularity, and for those who are already fans of Dwellstudio bed linens, you’ll be happy to know that the company also designs many other things as well, including clothing, baby bedding, home furnishings, accessories, and more.
Making bedrooms around the globe bright, bold, simple, and attractive is the job of the company, and there are hundreds of stores around the globe that carry an inventory of their designs and products. Everyone can find something that the company has given birth to that they love! There are colors, designs, and styles that fit every décor, every room, and every taste- even for the most discerning home decorator.
The company and the Dwellstudio bed linens have been featured on dozens of fashion magazines lately, including House & Garden, House Beautiful, Real Simple Magazine, Lucky Magazine, and many more. Not only that, but Dwellstudio bed linens were even featured and used on the set of the smash hit TV show, “The Apprentice”. Everything that a shopper could be looking for to go in the bedroom can be found with a Dwell label on it, from fitted sheets to accent pillows to bumpers and crib pads for infants and everything in between. Luxurious Egyptian cotton is used, with thread counts of at least 210, and the fitted sheets from the studio are not the kind with shallow corners that will pop off of mattresses every night. In contrast, the company has made sure that the pockets are extra deep and are in fact deep enough to fit right over mattresses that are up to 16 inches thick.
Some of the most popular Dwellstudio bed linens are those that are in the colors of light blue, leaf green, and chocolate. Reactive dyes are always used so that the vibrancy of colors lasts through tons of washings. There are some collections that the company is proud to claim that are most popular, and these include Thin Stripe, Dots, Circles, and the Circles in Square collections as well. Mixing and matching the solids with their vibrant prints is also hot, and the possibilities are absolutely endless, which also makes the bedding from the company personalized to fit each and every décor imaginable. Dwellstudio bed linens are the hottest coverings for beds today, and the great news is that the company continues to design amazing collections as well.

Modern Bedding: Top Designers of 2009

The quality of the modern bedding that you choose to sleep on can affect more than just the comfort that you feel when you first crawl into bed. Many people underestimate the importance of their bed and the linens that they dress it with, and unfortunately it is the same number of people that really cannot afford to take that comfort for granted. We spend at least one quarter of our lives in bed, which means that a bigger piece of our lives are spent tucked into the sheets and blankets that we buy than almost anywhere else.
Consumers deserve a wide selection of modern bedding options, and different designs, looks, fashions, and styles can be found at all kinds of stores in many different places. By far, the most popular avenue for shopping is the Internet. Consumers can shop through the inventory of stores that are physically located on the other side of the country, the other side of the continent, and on the other side of the globe for that matter as easily as it is to brew a fresh cup of coffee and sit down.
When discerning customers shop for a bed, they are shopping for a good night’s sleep. When they are shopping for modern bedding, they are shopping for comfort, warmth, and style. When someone suffers often from not being able to be comfortable in their bed while they try to rest, they run the risk of suffering from kinks in the neck, sore backs, achy muscles, tossing and turning instead of sleeping, falling ill frequently, higher blood pressure, the inability to cope well with stress, and much more. It is for the reason of preventing these conditions that people need to give their shopping endeavors the time and the attention that they deserve.
There are many designers of today that are leading the way in modern bedding. To qualify as one of the best, comfort must never surrender to style, and quality cannot ever be compromised for any reason. Dwell Bedding is one of the companies that indeed has been around for a while and has really exploded onto the design scene. Their attention to detail and their commitment to quality and fashion has turned all eyes on the designers, and at this point the team leads the way in designing furnishings not only for the bedroom but also for every room in the house and for people as well. Their clothing lines follow suit with the popularity of their home furnishings as well. Other popular designers for modern bedding include Herman Miller, Inhabit, Amenity, DwellStudio, Blissliving Home, and more.

Your Online Modern Furniture Store

A modern furniture store should have all of the essential ingredients that are necessary to help those high end shoppers who are not only looking for great furnishings but are also looking for great deals. The single most popular place to purchase furnishings and accessories today is on the Internet, which may or may not come as a surprise to you.
Modern furniture is curious by its own definition- although it is contemporary, it is defined by the same smooth, clean lines that furnishings of the 1950s and 1960s displayed. Simplicity is king in the design of such pieces, and bold, solid colors rule. Patterns are limited and are not overly frilly, fancy, or cluttered. There is certainly no room for clutter in the design of today’s pieces, and the Internet provides the single largest marketplace for shopping for them. The marketplace, of course, is the entire world.
Thanks to the Internet, pieces can be browsed through, searched for, auctioned off, bought, sold, given away, and traded from one end of the earth to the other. Any modern furniture store that strives for success will have an online website that allows customers to shop for, pay for, and have delivered furnishings and accessories for their home, no matter how big or how small. The convenience that online shopping provides cannot be beat by any traditional brick-and-mortar store, especially when a store has one showroom in one place on the planet. More than the locals are able to enjoy access to their inventory.
There are some discerning shoppers that stick with a few favorite modern furniture stores on the Internet, but there are also plenty more that know what they are looking for with no clue where to find it. This is where the beauty of search engines comes in. Search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing provide the gateway that links shoppers with those websites that carry products that match what consumers are searching for.
All that is required for a shopper to find that modern furniture store of his or her dreams is to type key terms into the search box on the pages of those search engines. Examples might be “contemporary coffee table” or “modern chaise lounger” and they are instantly given links to websites that will have those very items. Browsing through inventory in the convenience of the consumer’s home is far superior to having to travel long distances or battling traffic and spending hours in a traditional store.
The best part about shopping online, especially for the large household items, is that everything can indeed be delivered right to the customer’s home. An entire room can easily be transformed by shopping at modern furniture stores online.

Contemporary Powerhouse One Man Show: Jefdesigns

Jefdesigns is a design studio that operates as a one-man business out of Portland, Oregon. Joe Futschik is the owner and designer who turns out designs that are simple, bold, and modern. Some of his most popular works are hand-made lamps, his handbags, and his light box paintings, but that isn’t all that this one-man design star is known for: he has much more to offer.
Futschik has demonstrated that he relies on his instincts in the creation of his work, and apparently that instinct is a good one. He pursues anything that serves as inspiration to him, which has resulted in an incredibly unique and diverse collection of furnishings and accessories that are as unique as he himself is. Although he listens to his inner designing voice for the creation of his pieces, he also makes sure that the designs are complementary to each other by related attention to light, form design, and color. The products, pieces, and designs are sold in stores everywhere across the country and also on the Internet as well.
The works of Jefdesigns can be seen in many different venues and establishments from one end of the country to the other, including many hotels, restaurants, private residences, corporations, business offices, bars and clubs, and others too. In fact, his influence does not end at the U.S. borders. His products have been commissioned for many projects all over the globe. He is always interested in teaming up with others in his line of work, and that includes many different aspects of his career. Some of the different categories that the designer is best known for are his dishes, pillows, plates, kitchen designs, and designs that are suitable for any part of the house. Working closely with architects and other professionals in related fields gives this designer success time and time again with any avenue he is asked to explore.
Jefdesigns has proven that simple is successful, and the loud, busy, and cluttered patterns and decorative looks of yesterday have no place in the modern home today. This is something that Futschik is already world-renowned for not only avoiding, but also for providing soothing and contemporary remedies to replace those out-of-date styles of yesteryear.

Spotlight on Top Designs: Gus Modern

Gus Modern is one of those rare talented firms that remain inspired by simple forms, incredibly attractive looks, and superiority in craftsmanship. The simple yet durable construction of all of their pieces and their luxurious designs have created a reputation for the company that precedes it. Accent pieces, modern furnishings, furniture, and accessories are all specialties of Gus Modern, and the great news is that there is no sign of them slowing down their creative ingenuity any time soon.
Part of the modern simplicity of the company’s pieces is due to the colors that are used. Bold cherry reds, beautiful blues, soft whites, and classic black are some of their more popular ones, but there are also many patterns that are used that require many other colors as well. The construction of the pieces from Gus Modern is simple, following the contemporary rule of thumb that “less is more”. There are no unnecessary features or lavish flairs to clutter up the clean smoothness of any piece. Defining each and every curve and corner is what Gus Modern does best.
One of the most popular pieces of furniture that the company claims is the Delano XL Sofa. Soft tufted leather and a stainless steel frame are only two of the features of this couch that distinguish it from the works of other designers. Colors that it is available in include fresh white, classic black, and rich espresso. The fresh white sofa is complemented excellently by the Delano lounge chair, and although the coordinating white accessories are often used with the sofa, it is also offset very nicely by corresponding accessories in the classic black color.
Lighting is one of the most important (and most often neglected) aspects of interior design, but Gus Modern has not let this little aspect escape unnoticed. The Frosted Hanging Light is one that entails sleek angles and a clear acrylic shade that is beautiful and fashionable. It is a rectangular light with a stainless steel ceiling plate for easy installation and an 8-foot electrical cord for convenient wiring. Gus Modern is one of the highlighted design companies of 2009, and these furnishings are just a couple of the reasons why.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Introducing Kalon Studios

Design for a Sustainable Culture

Los Angeles | Berlin

Based in Los Angeles, California and Berlin, Germany, Kalon Studios is a young design studio focused on contemporary form and innovative design.

Kalon Studios design focus is as much on quality of design as it is on method and process. All of our products are non-toxic, fully sustainable, and domestically produced in the United States. Each piece is handcrafted to order by traditional furniture makers in New England.

The ancient Greek concept of kalon meant beauty linked with moral worth and usefulness. For us this means making products that aren’t only beautiful in form but beautiful in concept as well. We believe that true beauty radiates from the whole but has its roots in the details and so from our hardware to our motifs, from our raw materials to our finishes we laboriously hand pick each element so that it too, alone, is kalon.