Monday, August 10, 2009

Spotlight on Top Designs: Gus Modern

Gus Modern is one of those rare talented firms that remain inspired by simple forms, incredibly attractive looks, and superiority in craftsmanship. The simple yet durable construction of all of their pieces and their luxurious designs have created a reputation for the company that precedes it. Accent pieces, modern furnishings, furniture, and accessories are all specialties of Gus Modern, and the great news is that there is no sign of them slowing down their creative ingenuity any time soon.
Part of the modern simplicity of the company’s pieces is due to the colors that are used. Bold cherry reds, beautiful blues, soft whites, and classic black are some of their more popular ones, but there are also many patterns that are used that require many other colors as well. The construction of the pieces from Gus Modern is simple, following the contemporary rule of thumb that “less is more”. There are no unnecessary features or lavish flairs to clutter up the clean smoothness of any piece. Defining each and every curve and corner is what Gus Modern does best.
One of the most popular pieces of furniture that the company claims is the Delano XL Sofa. Soft tufted leather and a stainless steel frame are only two of the features of this couch that distinguish it from the works of other designers. Colors that it is available in include fresh white, classic black, and rich espresso. The fresh white sofa is complemented excellently by the Delano lounge chair, and although the coordinating white accessories are often used with the sofa, it is also offset very nicely by corresponding accessories in the classic black color.
Lighting is one of the most important (and most often neglected) aspects of interior design, but Gus Modern has not let this little aspect escape unnoticed. The Frosted Hanging Light is one that entails sleek angles and a clear acrylic shade that is beautiful and fashionable. It is a rectangular light with a stainless steel ceiling plate for easy installation and an 8-foot electrical cord for convenient wiring. Gus Modern is one of the highlighted design companies of 2009, and these furnishings are just a couple of the reasons why.

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