Monday, August 10, 2009

Contemporary Powerhouse One Man Show: Jefdesigns

Jefdesigns is a design studio that operates as a one-man business out of Portland, Oregon. Joe Futschik is the owner and designer who turns out designs that are simple, bold, and modern. Some of his most popular works are hand-made lamps, his handbags, and his light box paintings, but that isn’t all that this one-man design star is known for: he has much more to offer.
Futschik has demonstrated that he relies on his instincts in the creation of his work, and apparently that instinct is a good one. He pursues anything that serves as inspiration to him, which has resulted in an incredibly unique and diverse collection of furnishings and accessories that are as unique as he himself is. Although he listens to his inner designing voice for the creation of his pieces, he also makes sure that the designs are complementary to each other by related attention to light, form design, and color. The products, pieces, and designs are sold in stores everywhere across the country and also on the Internet as well.
The works of Jefdesigns can be seen in many different venues and establishments from one end of the country to the other, including many hotels, restaurants, private residences, corporations, business offices, bars and clubs, and others too. In fact, his influence does not end at the U.S. borders. His products have been commissioned for many projects all over the globe. He is always interested in teaming up with others in his line of work, and that includes many different aspects of his career. Some of the different categories that the designer is best known for are his dishes, pillows, plates, kitchen designs, and designs that are suitable for any part of the house. Working closely with architects and other professionals in related fields gives this designer success time and time again with any avenue he is asked to explore.
Jefdesigns has proven that simple is successful, and the loud, busy, and cluttered patterns and decorative looks of yesterday have no place in the modern home today. This is something that Futschik is already world-renowned for not only avoiding, but also for providing soothing and contemporary remedies to replace those out-of-date styles of yesteryear.

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