Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Have Pot, Will Cook

Thomas Paul Sea Life Coaster Set

There is nothing more euphoric than stepping foot into the breathtaking kitchen of your dreams, and a big step to getting there is finding the right cookware and accessories. Today we have some eye-catching selections from our Kitchen and Dining collection that will accent your cooking space with class and style.

Normann Copenhagen is the cornerstone of modern metal when it comes to kitchenwares. Their Familia series of pots and pans ($225 - $425) and Normann Knives ($81 - $120) look sleek in any cooking environment. Their Normann Cutlery ($26 - $120) is a curious contrast from their knives in terms of aesthetic form, but their presence in the dining room is equally impressive.

Sagaform is especially prominent in the kitchen with their wide selection of wares. Their Edge Mortar ($50) is a fun accessory for the hardcore cook who likes to grind their own herbs and spices. Use the Hold Cookpage Page Holder ($30) for those books that just won't stay open. Their Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board ($30) makes a great display piece, though the Lazy Susan ($35) is there if you prefer something a little simpler.

Design House Stockholm has an outstanding collection of modern glassware. The Timo Glass 4-Pack ($32) looks suave and can hold both hot and cold drinks. The Fia Carafe ($69) is an eye-popping work of art in itself, as is their Rondo Small Jug ($26). For wine connoisseurs looking for something a little more traditional, the Globe Glass Set of 4 ($50 - $60) retains the simple but elegant form of the classic drinking glass.

From the mind of Thomas Paul comes a line of fanciful plates whose classical designs are perfect for those looking for a more traditional feel to their home. The Sea Life ($32) and Portland Dessert Plate Sets ($32) feature a different color for each plate in the set. The Scrimshaw Dinner Plate Set ($40) is fitting for anyone who has a soft spot for the sea. The Hong Kong Dinner Plate Set ($28) is reminiscent of the blue and white ceramics of old Kowloon, and is an excellent choice for people looking for something exotic.

That's only the tip of the iceberg. Stop by our website to check out our full lineup of wares!

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