Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Retro Revival

Norman Copenhagen BIKE

Pop culture has come a long way since the days of Mary Tyler Moore and tie-dye shirts. Yet in spite of how far we've gone, there is something interesting about the world predating legwarmers and Members Only jackets. Though we can't travel back in time, we do have some nostalgic selections from our collection that will give you that warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside.

Sagaform has an interesting series of wares for the kitchen with a retro motif that's reminiscent of the 50's. Check out their Retro Teacup and Saucer ($17) and matching Teapot ($40), or Retro Side Plate ($12). As long as we're in this time period, take a peek at the Magno Medium Radio ($270) by Singgih Kartono. Anyone looking to go retro in the bedroom will be delighted to have DwellStudio's Silhouette Cocoa Duvet Set ($40 - $170), which bears a 60's decorative styling pattern. Kids can share in the retro trip with their Dots Chocolate Duvet Set ($30 - $166). The simple single-color Caravan Dresser ($1,495) by Kalon Studios is also a nice throwback to funkier days.

It's been said before but Alice Supply Co. is a hallmark of 70's culture. They are especially proud of their Striped Toilet Plunger ($22), whose bright and colorful design captures the energy of that time in the world. They also have an equally impressive Striped Mat ($32), as well as a myriad of housecleaning supplies. For more retro styling, stop by our website!

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