Thursday, March 24, 2011

And Everything In Its Place

Omni+ Prism in Green

Too much stuff lying around the house? Don't like that toaster you got for Christmas? Fear not, for we've got the remedy. Today we present to you storage solutions for just about anything and everything in your home, whether it be your book and movie collections or your kids' toys. Check it out!

Eastvold's playful nature is present in their kid-friendly Toy Box ($377) and Art Box ($377). Adults and big kids will find that same playfulness in their Cube ($690), which will make any ordinary wall far from ordinary.

Omni+ has a great lineup of media centers that combine sensibility with style. Their Prism ($499) features a trapezoidal shape unique to its form, and it comes in three fashionable flavors. The Link series ($99 - $699) offer a great level of flexibility by allowing you to rearrange compartments as needed. Their Shadow series ($399) is perfect for anyone looking for a simple and open design.

temahome enjoys playing with space and form in their work, and both are wonderfully presented in their Crest Medium High Unit ($1,175) and Shell Rotative Shelf Unit ($675). Both allow for a 360 exhibition of your books and collectibles.

Lot 61 is there to make sure that your wine and bottle collection has a place to stay. Their Up Bar ($1,900) is great for smaller collections, and for the truly hardcore: the Wine Armorie ($1,850)!

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