Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall and Autumn Trends for Home Décor

With every changing season comes new trends and looks for the home, and this season is no exception. Soft, warm, and inviting home furnishings are always in style at this time of year, and some of the most popular brands of home décor and furnishings have launched their fall home collections, which have loyal consumers clamoring for the latest styles.
As far as colors go, the earthy, neutral tones of spring and summer are giving way to bolder colors like black, grey, red, and even white. These three colors together blend perfectly to create a warm yet bold and interesting collage for homes that are dressed either in traditional décor or in modern contemporary décor. Using the black and grey as main colors with red as the accent color is one of the most popular trends this season, and what is really great about the three colors together is that they look very fashionable throughout the entire year, not just in one season or another.
In addition to color, materials are in style that are high grade such as wool, boucle, silk, genuine leather, and of course cotton. What is new recently for these materials though is the use of organics like cotton. There are many benefits to using organic materials other than the comfort that they provide. The lack of chemicals and toxins like pesticides and fertilizers means that none of those harmful substances are absorbed into the body through the skin. Many baby products are now made with organic materials. The natural and luxurious feel of this material couples with safety and peace of mind for a flawless combination, whether we are talking about infant clothing or linens and bedding fit for a king.
Modern décor also infuses with soft organics the bold, strong look of metal, and not much is needed to create a modern Mecca of flawless design and décor. Shiny, beautiful metal paired with bold plastics also contributes to the warm and bold looks for this fall, so have fun being bold with metals and soft with fabrics this season.

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