Tuesday, October 6, 2009

notNeutral: Perfect Design for the Home

notNeutral is one of the top emerging decorating and design firms in the country, and although it is young it is already known throughout the nation for its interior design with urban flair. Architectural work, landscape architecture, exhibit and product design are its trademarks, and the many talents that culminate to create this company are all rolled beautifully into one firm. One of the most unique traits of the notNeutral firm is the pattern of colors and designs that they use- they have available to their credit everything from linens to children’s furniture to 700-seat entertainment venues.
Although notNeutral is notable for several different designs of theirs, there are a few that seem to really stand out. The designs for their bedding are generally playful, simple, and graceful- often all at the same time. Not only are the designs created with the child in mind, but they are also created with parents in mind as well- for example, a child’s bed might have a storage bench or toy box at the end of it. The bedding that the company makes to complement their beds and furniture is made of organic cotton and has a poly blend fill, being made with non-toxic and biodegradable so they are very healthy and not harmful at all to children.
In addition, their children’s furniture includes different types of pieces such as child-size tables and chairs in beautiful and attractive colors that children love. Colors such as ozone blue, lotus green, and persimmon orange are popular, and in their most popular collections the tables are all dark sable. Thermoplastic polymer paint and polyurethane finishes are used, and their furniture is oil resistant and is also extremely easy to clean. In addition to beds, tables, and chairs, dressers and end tables as well as other pieces of furniture are available to complete the look of any room, whether it be a child’s room or an adult’s room.
notNeutral has furniture that is not only classy but is also functional, affordable, and durable. The functionality and attractiveness of all of their products is unsurpassed, and it is becoming easy to spot these distinct notNeutral products amongst other products by other companies.

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