Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cool Fall Designs for Modern Bedding

With the summer of 2009 having come and gone, many of us are turning our attention to our homes as we put away the patio umbrellas and stock the pantry with hot chocolate. Many people enjoy changing up their bedding with the changing of the seasons, and fortunately there is a huge variety of patterns, materials, colors, textures, and designs that the linens and bedding are available in. There are a lot of great designers that present beautiful modern bedding collections to us this fall which include the likes of Matteo, DwellStudio, and others. These and other top design firms offer solid colors, simple geometric patterns, and sophisticated designs. Some of the most popular items that people love to dress their beds up in include coverlets, bed skirts, comforters, quilts, duvets, and more. It seems that there are patterns and designs that are more popular than others every year, and for autumn of this year we are seeing simple bold stripes and either natural solid colors or bold and bright patterns.
There are so many different ways that top designers have integrated these patterns into their products for the fall, and there is surely something for everyone out there. From bold, fat stripes to thin, light pin stripes, which type of patterns you end up using for your home will ultimately depend on your own sense of style. Natural, earthy tones are en vogue this season and include warm golds, sheering burgundies, and soothing browns. Small repeating patterns that flood bedding are not chic this season, but single expressions of larger patterns are more popular. Part of the appeal of designs for fall include the simplicity in design with bedding standing out against a more bold background, topped off with dramatic yet understated accessories.
The key idea today for posh designs for autumn includes not being afraid to try something new. Using organic materials like 100% organic cotton is also thick in the trends today, not only because of the softness of them but also because of their durability, manageability, and healthful benefits. The dyes that are used are non-toxic and have no harmful ingredients that are absorbed into the skin, lending favor to a truly restful and comfortable good night’s sleep.

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