Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Best Designer Furniture for Home and Office

There are so many different designs, materials and colors that can be used for beautiful designer furniture that when it comes time to go shopping, it might be really hard to pick out the best pieces for your home. However, there are some things you can do to ensure that the designer furniture that you end up with suits you, your family and your home perfectly.
Some of the most popular materials that are used for furnishing of all kinds that are found in all rooms of a home include wood, brass, silver, plastic, aluminum, fabrics, steel and wrought iron. Depending on the quality of those materials that are used, the furnishings can last years or even decades with proper care. As time has passed, the trends and styles for furnishings have changed according to peoples’ tastes. Much of the contemporary styled pieces are made of chrome and plastic today, which are both very durable and very sturdy materials. Eero Aarnio is a Finnish designer who uses a lot of plastic and fiberglass as his main materials for his masterpieces. Some of his works include the tomato chair, screw chair, the Bubble chair and the Pastil chair. He has also used steel, wood and other materials for his pieces as well.
Charles and Ray Eames are American designers who made several contributions in the evolution of modern designer furniture design but also in the fields of art, film, industrial design and architecture. The lounge chair has actually been credited to them. Mies van Rohe is a well-known architect who designed the now famous Barcelona chair. Eileen Gray is a furniture designer who began her career by learning lacquer work which eventually branched out into architecture. She is well-known for her innovative ideas, and one of her signature designer furniture pieces is the bibendum chair. Saarinen designer furniture is customarily designed specifically per the customers’ requests.
Finally, Harry Bertoia is a famous designer nown for his work with metal and his jewelry designs. The diamond chair is his famous work. Modern designer furniture comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and styles from professionals around the world, and there are pieces designed every day for every room in the house; for the livingroom, dining room, office, patio, and bedrooms. Office pieces and everything else should be carefully considered when shopping for the best furnishings for the home, whether it is a tiny basket or a grand dining room set. Whether your personal style is modern, classic, elegant, stylish or any combination of styles, the designer furniture that you choose needs to not only suit you but should also suit your home as well.

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