Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Boskke Sky Planter

The Sky Planter by Boskke enables you to bring a touch of nature indoors at home or at work in a unique and stylish manner. And it doesn’t take up any floor space! So if you’re thinking … “As much as I’d love to add a bit of green to my space, I simply don’t have the room” … Try growing your garden on the ceiling.

Plants not only liven up a room with their color and grace but also prove to be good for your health. They emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and other chemicals leaving you with purified air and a more relaxed and stress-free feeling. Having a plant around has been proven to increase alertness and productivity in the workplace, and who doesn’t want that same sensation at home? Make sure to hang your Sky Planter in a place where it will get plenty of natural light and rotate it on occasion so that every part of the plant receives a bit of the sun. This will keep your plant, and you, happy and feeling fresh.

We all know that potted plants will lose water through both evaporation and drainage. The Boskke Sky Planter offers a unique solution to this quandary by gradually feeding water to the roots of the plant, upside down of course, through its clay reservoir system. Seeing as there is no excess water to drain out, the Sky Planter can be used indoors without fear of any water evaporating away. This will leave your plant looking healthy and vibrant for days on end even if you pay less attention to it than you would a conventional potted plant. In a temperate climate the Sky Planter can hold enough water to keep your plant well and quenched for up to two weeks. And don’t worry about any soil falling out. The Sky Planter comes with a locking ceramic collar, kind of like a teapot lid, along with a plastic mesh which you can cut to fit around the base of your plant.

So whether you want to bring an orchid into your living room, some English ivy into your office or hang some fresh herbs in your kitchen, the Boskke Sky Planter fits the bill. Practical and stylish it will undoubtedly be a tantalizing conversation piece and will allow you to look up to enjoy the beauty of nature.

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