Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cozy Up The Indoors

Stadler Form Max Fan Heater in White

Snow. Slush. Icy rain. Windchill. The forecasts haven't been all that great recently, and while getting snowed in can be such a drag, we have some great ways to keep your home feeling comfy and cozy while waiting for the wintry weather to pass.

Stadler Form's Max Fan Heater ($99), available in Red and White, will keep your digits warm, and it makes an excellent companion to their equally fascinating lineup of humidifiers. Check out the round and funky Fred ($99.99), or the square and sexy Oskar ($149.99). Go ultrasonic with their big brothers Anton ($139.99) and William ($229.99), while cousin Viktor ($399.99) keeps the air clean. Tom ($599.99) does double duty as an airwasher and humidifier. Finally, don't forget to give some love to family friend Blomus! Check out their classy Humydo humidifier, available in Tubular ($39.00) and Curve ($95.29).

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