Thursday, February 3, 2011

Have You Seen Your Shadow?

Areware Icosa Lamp

Six more weeks of winter. Nobody wants to hear that kind of news, especially when the bearer of that news is a cuddly marmot. While we eagerly await the March lions, April showers, and May flowers, we can brighten up the remaining days of winter with selections from our fun collection of lighting fixtures.

Oilo paves the way with their retro-vibrant Cylinder series ($199-$279), available in a handful of cheerful colors like Spring Green, Cobblestone, and Aqua. Paper Cloud features an equally impressive collection of cylinder lamps, available in Dewdrops ($198), Sunflowers ($198), and more! Add an Asian flair with Schmitt Design's Moso Pendant Bamboo Lamp ($318), available in End Grain and Vertical Grain ($278). temahome offers class and elegance with their Leaf Hanging Light, available in medium ($232) and large ($254). Spice up your living space with John Beck Steel's Beatty Light ($265) or Straight Light ($196). For our finale, we have the lovely Springtide Lamp ($2,731) by Eve Design, a perfect centerpiece for the coming spring!

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