Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Hero 365 RC-1 Rain Collector | Via Apartment Therapy Re-Nest

Remember this vintage-looking Drying Rack from Toronto-based company Hero? Well, they also have a beautiful and functional Rain Collector that holds up to 45 gallons of water — enough to water the garden, wash the car and maybe even a dog or two — all without relying on your local water supply...

The RC-1 comes flat-packed and is made from corrosion/UV resistant polyester powder-coated steel. Collect as much rain as you can in a special phthalate-free bladder that holds the water after it's been filtered for bugs and debris.
While it is certainly more expensive than your run-of-the-mill rain barrels, it's also infinitely more stylish than its clunky counterpart and would actually look pretty cool sitting out in the garden or up against the side of the house.
You can purchase the RC-1 from Bau Outdoors in the UK for £399.00 and in the US for $550 at Bobby Berk Home.

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