Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dwellstudio Offers Premier Bedding, Accessories, and More

Dwellstudio is an interior design company that has made a name for itself with its beautifully simplistic sheets and bed coverings, its table linens, and their accessories for the home. However, there is much more to the basis of this design company than meets the eye, and there is much to know about the interior design business as a whole. Top design companies such as Dwellstudio know that there are many different decorating rules to abide by, but they also know that many times those rules are flexible and ever-changing, too.
If you are looking to transform the look of your living space, introducing modern textile design into the fabrics that are in your home is the best way to do it. There are literally thousands of designs and fabrics available that set the bar for designers to follow, and one of these is Dwellstudio. The company is committed to using the finest textiles and quality linens for every one of their products, and they seek out the best woods, plastics, and metals for their other product lines such as furniture.
Color combinations and different layouts are some of the most important factors when it comes to choosing linens and bedding. Fabric and material also play a large role, and one of the most popular materials to use as linens today is Egyptian cotton. Sheets that are woven from 100% Egyptian cotton are very soft, but very durable at the same time. Bedding that is reactive printed so that it keeps its saturated bright colors is used by Dwellstudio. For Egyptian cotton fabrics, it is recommended that the bedding be washed in the washing machine and taken out of the dryer when it is still just a bit damp. Placing them on the bed to finish drying will help reduce wrinkles when it is dry, all without ever plugging in an iron.
This company has become well known for their bedding that is luxurious and simple, yet lavishly ornate in its own naturistic way. Contemporary stripes, bold solids, large geometric designs, and more are used to state a simple yet strong statement about style. What is really great about the company is that they make bed linens and products for infants and children as well as for adults. Their crib bedding, toddler bedding, and child bedding is the ultimate in quality and comfort and is soothing to children as well. Attractive designs and soil-resistant materials make all the difference that separates Dwellstudio products from others that are out there on the market.

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