Monday, November 9, 2009

Affordable Baby Bedding for Cribs, Cradles and Bassinets

Finding baby bedding for your child’s nursery can be fun, exciting and very fulfilling. When you are trying to decide on a particular pattern for the crib, cradle or bassinet in your home, it is easy to become overwhelmed at all of the possibilities and different options you have for the décor. Even though some people may not fully appreciate the work involved with choosing the right baby bedding, new parents often embrace the opportunity to furnish the perfect room for their new perfect little one.
Although there are a lot of different materials for the blankets and sheets that will go into the bed, the most popular by far is cotton. Long known for durability, strength, and easy care as a fabric, one of the new options for cotton that has taken the world by storm as the green environmental movement has taken on momentum is to use organic cotton for sheets and blankets as well as for clothing, layettes, toys and other fabrics. This organic cotton is not grown, harvested or manufactured with any toxic chemicals, which means none are absorbed by baby’s skin as the clothing is worn or as they sleep in the bedding. There are different options available for cribs of all types, cradles, bassinets, play yards and other types of beds, so here is a quick rundown of some tips for purchasing the best products for your child.
For the crib, you will need durable, strong materials that are in attractive patterns and colors - your new infant will likely spend a lot of time in his or her crib. Be sure to choose products that are made for your particular type of crib, because there are portable cribs, standard cribs, travel cribs and more. Some of the portable crib stuff and travel crib gear is smaller than standards, so buying the wrong size can be a nasty mistake. For bassinets, be aware that the baby bedding is small, because these tiny beds are only suitable for children up to three or four months of age. The same rule applies with cradles, so be sure that you purchase products that are specifically for those types of beds. Using products that do not fit right can not only look bad but can also be dangerous because the infants can become tangled in baby bedding and suffocate or become injured.

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