Monday, April 11, 2011

How To Brighten Up Your Day

Design House Stockholm Block Lamp- Black

Lighting is a critical part of any living space. All it takes is an ugly lamp or a wrong light bulb to break the warm atmosphere of a cozy home. Today we'll take a look at some exceptional table lamps from our collection. Check this out!

Design House Stockholm features the Block Lamp ($129), a fine example of how simplicity can be awe-inspiring. The Mini-Cord Lamp ($139) shares this same industrial-modern aesthetic, and is equally impressive. Their Box Light ($275) is a great choice for anyone who likes this style of simplicity but prefer something a little less exposed.

Barbara Cosgrove Lamps will tickle your fancy if you adore a classy, luxurious Park Avenue aesthetic. Silver Gourds ($399) was featured on an episode of The Apprentice, featuring Martha Stewart! Art buffs will love how the Monolith ($350) and Hour Glass ($425) both fuse class and luxury with modernity.

Alex Marshall Studios has an interesting selection of lamps with sculpted ceramic bases whose aesthetics add a touch of elegance to any room, and invoke a kind of coziness that is unique to tropical living spaces. Check out their Cylinder Lamp ($189) and Rectangular Lamp ($225).

Take a look at our entire collection of table lamps on our website!

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