Thursday, April 7, 2011

Music to Your Ears

Sonoro Eklipse Black

When designing your dream home, music has a significant effect on the overall look and feel of your living spaces. It can make a home more cozy, more luxurious, more artsy, or whatever tickles your fancy. Since most conventional radios can compromise the visual aesthetic of a particular design or theme, you may be in the market for a radio that will provide the sound you're looking for without standing out like a sore thumb. Here are some interesting picks from our collection that will fit soundly in your home.

Sonoro is the proud maker of the Cubo ($299) series. True to its name, the Cubo features a cube-like design with a modern tech-age frontal display. Smoothly-rounded edges, silver panels, and a bright outer color makes the Cubo a great addition to contemporary homes. Also comes in Maple and Cherry wood finishes for those who prefer a more classical appearance.

Singgih Kartono is the brain behind the Magno radio series. The heavy use of wood finishes on these handmade radios give them a warm aesthetic that compliments the Magno's fusion of modern and classical design elements. Comes in Large ($300), Micro ($150), and everything in-between.

From Philippe Starck comes their signature Parrot Speakers ($1,600). These standing speakers come with an iPod dock and remote control, and are visually impressive with their curvy contour and elegant colors. Their capacity for audio is also equally impressive; your music will come in loud and clear.

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