Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bring Out The Kid in You

David Weeks Small Cubebot

We at Bobby Berk Home feel that a person's love for toys shouldn't have to dwindle with age, which is why today we're featuring toys for grown-ups!

David Weeks features some interesting wooden animal figures whose figurative geometric shapes instill within them a certain liveliness. Ursa the Bear ($125) and Hanno the Gorrila ($85) have some very impressive artistic qualities, and their solid construction makes them highly posable and impervious to chips and breaks. Smaller versions Ursa Minor ($85) and Hanno Jr. ($65) are available as well.

If you like David Weeks's work, you will also love Karl Zahn's collection of fun animal-shaped wooden boxes. Check out his llama ($49) and polar bear ($49) boxes

Harry Allen has a few amusing objets that will appeal to people who love classical decor. The Roller Book Stop ($130) looks great when propped against aged books, but also serves as a handy door stop. His classic Bank in the Form of a Pig ($125 - $200) has an oddly mature feel to it, which is great for grown-ups. His Silicone Key Keychain ($19) is a fun gift for people who daydream of adventures with a Gothic church key.
The Roller Book Stop by Reality by Harry Allen
Know any explorers or world adventurers? Pick up a Singgih Kartono Compass ($24) and one of Blissliving Home's Explorer Illuminated Earthsphere ($289), a perfect combination for the classicist. For those looking for something a little more contemporary, the Sphere also comes in Clear Blue ($239) and Clear Silver ($239).

Last but certainly not least, Francois Dallegret has an interesting toy called the Atomix ($48) that's worth checking out. For more fun toys and gadgets, head over to our website!

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my kids love the Atomix