Thursday, April 30, 2009

Window Treatments in a Whole New Light

DwellStudio is known as a modern studio with incredible talents, and has come up with one of the cutest, most attractive, and most impressive innovations in window treatments that we’ve seen in a long time. Windows can be really difficult to work with when you are looking for treatments that are useful and attractive at the same time. What looks good in one room on a window does not necessarily look good on any or every window in the house. Fortunately, there are some really handy websites online like Bobby Berk Home’s site that carries DwellStudio bedding, linens, window treatments, and more to help us out.
Dressing the custom-sized windows in the house is always the most difficult, usually because custom-size windows require custom-size dressings. DwellStudios has come up with a fitting and stylish option for windows of all types and for all sizes. The hand-made laminated roller shades are knock-your-socks-off cute, and functional too. The shades are popular to add to windows to add style and fun to rooms, especially those bedrooms that belong to the kids.
These roller shades are available in a lot of different patterns, colors, and designs for young ones (or for anyone), and each one of them comes standard with continuous loop control, which keeps the shade steady and even as it goes up and down. There is a silver beaded chain that is used to roll it precisely, which is much easier than working with the two strings that blinds require you to pull.
There are many people who have fallen in love with these laminated roller shades because they are fun, they look great, simple to operate, and they also are easily cleaned and very durable. It is pretty common to see windows that don these roller shades that have been further customized by adding a valance or by adding an exposed bottom bar for style.
There are a couple of different options that people can choose from for the design of their shade, such as having a standard or reverse roll, and having the bottom bar sewn-in or exposed. All of the available options seem to be popular with people, and you’d have to see these shades to believe them! Gone are the days of the white window shades we had as kids; these are full of bright colors, attractive patterns, and as much style as you can stuff in the space of a window.

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