Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Tasteful Modern Platform Bed

For decades a bed has always been just a good old American bed. However, we have been witnessing a growth in the first major trend overhaul in bedroom furniture that we have seen in a long time. Instead of the box spring and top mattress that have been required, many people are instead going for a modern platform bed. The platform that a mattress sits on is made usually of hardened plastic or woods of different types. There are many different styles of platform beds, and what makes them so different from the beds that we have all used for years is the fact that there is no box spring (the platform replaces the box spring) and these beds are much lower to the floor than the traditional styles.
The modern or contemporary platform beds are taken from the Asian tradition of having furniture low to the floor. The platform bed goes right along with current trends today that follow simple lines and solid, smooth detail. Lavishness and tons of intricate detail have no place in today’s trends and styles. A platform bed requires a spring mattress, which is more expensive than a regular one. However, there is no box spring that needs to be bought. There are platform beds that come with different types of headboards, different types of legs, and there are pieces that are made of all different kinds of woods and plastics.
Even though platform beds are simple in design, you still need to make sure that the piece that you pick out complements your tastes and your personality. Since the beds do cost more than the traditional 2-piece mattress set beds, you’ll want to make sure that the furniture that you pick out will be some that you will love for years. You can find beautiful platform beds on many auction sites online, at factory warehouses, in furniture showrooms, and on e-store websites on the Internet as well. Many fine stores also have inventory of coordinating linens and accent pieces that will complement the style of bed that you choose.

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