Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The New Simplicity of Modern Baby Bedding

People are always searching out the latest trends in décor, and bedding is an important factor in the overall look of any bedroom, whether it is a nursery or an adult’s room. This year one of the biggest trends in bedding is that of both retro and modern décor, which in some respects are one in the same. The simple, smooth lines that are customary of modern styles have a certain similarity with the retro furniture styles of decades ago.
For years and years, the trend in baby bedding has been centered around patterns and prints. Even though there are still many popular designs that enlist these qualities, we are seeing a growing popularity of solids and simple, wide stripes. Some of the patterns and prints that are popular are jungle themes, angels, and baby animals. The simple décor includes things like stripes in two complementary alternating colors, simple geometric shapes, and solid colors.
Colors that are bright and vivid are positive stimulants for infants, but too much of a good thing is not always better. Be sure that the theme that you choose for your infant’s nursery is not overwhelming. It can be tricky to find colors that are soothing, stimulating, and not overwhelming all at the same time, but they key here is to use solid colors in large areas and little accents in the small ones. It is easy to overdo the décor of a nursery, but keep in mind that these days with the retro modern simplicity, less is always more.

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