Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The LAX Series: Green Furniture for your Home

These days, anything that has to do with helping the environment seems to be the politically correct way to do things, and purchasing green furniture for your home is not only environmentally-responsible, but it is also a growing trend in modern home d├ęcor. Green furniture may have referred to the color green decades ago, but today the term “green” refers to something that is natural, not synthetic, environmentally-friendly, recyclable, and globally responsible.
The LAX Series boasts of classic modern designs for their furniture that somehow is able to be both timeless and freshly trendy at the same time. The company uses only the best materials for their furniture. The furniture is very durable, well-built, and will last for decades, which is part of what makes it so environmentally safe Not only that, but no formaldehyde glue is used on the company’s furniture, the company uses as much product as possible before discarding any scraps, and they employ the skill of the most talented designers. The LAX series of furniture is made from engineered wood so that the usable materials from every tree are used any time it is possible. The company also uses a natural oil finish on their products instead of a chemical or synthetic one. Any finish that they do use is VOC-free and solvent-free. The doors that they use on many of their products are always 100% recyclable as well. Included in their collections are things like beds, dressers, shelves, and the like.
This company has been one of the leaders in design for the contemporary/modern age, and the pieces that are made have simple, contoured lines and shapes so that each piece does not go unnoticed, but the company stresses that successfully-designed furniture should never overpower a room, either. If you are in the market for green furniture that is simple and streamlined, The Lax Series may have the perfect pieces for you.

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