Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The designs of today that are featured in the Dwell bedding line are evolutionary, revolutionary, and fresh all at the same time. The collections are all representative of Dwell’s commitment to elegantly modern luxury, and the company’s original techniques, designs, colors, and patterns are uniquely charming.
Many consider the company’s designs as timeless, yet innovative trends in home décor. One of the most popular qualities about Dwell is that the linens and accents are quite versatile. Many of the company’s products can be used in many different rooms to serve as accents for many different pieces of furniture. For example, their pillows can accentuate a bed, sofa, or a chair, and they even look fashionable as throw pillows on the floor.
In late 2007 DwellStudio was launched, which combined Dwellbaby, Dwellkids, Dwell, and Dwelltable lines into one larger brand. Home décor that is rooted in modern prints is why many people who want their home to have a simple look turn to Dwell for their furnishings.
The consistently high quality that their products display is evident in linens like their 100% Egyptian cotton, 320 thread count sheet sets. Although this type of cotton has been used for hundreds of years, Dwell incorporates their new world designs into the style of old world ideas.
In addition to fine bedding, Dwell is also well-known for their table linens, their pillows, their flatware, towels, and many other things from stationery to wall art. The unique mix of old design ideas with fresh new décor is what makes Dwell home furnishings in a league of their own. The colors are often bright, and the patterns are many times geometric in origin which is both aesthetically pleasing and stimulating. Their lines for babies, kids, and adults alike are very popular, and are gaining more recognition with the evolution of contemporary, simple decorating trends.

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