Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Elegant Summer Cookouts with Eva Solo Spring Collections

Eva Solo products are Danish in origin, and combine quality with functionality in a way that is useful and aesthetically gratifying. The firm’s main focus is on utensils for the home, especially for the kitchen, and each piece is designed with a sense of the customer that will be using it. There are hundreds of simple, yet stunning pieces in the home collections, and this spring there are a few that are being introduced that are geared towards grilling and picnicking.
First up is the very popular Eva Solo table grill. The grill was first launched in 2006, and since that time has won many different recognitions as an “innovative, modern outdoor grill”. This season the little grill that says a lot is being offered in a new and stylish color, and is also available in white as well. The design is intended to be both functional and attractive to look at, too. Fireproof porcelain is what it is made from, and it has a strong handle for transporting from place to place. The grill is set on the ground or on a table, and it uses lit charcoal to make barbeque for the summer. What many people really enjoy about the grill is the little trivet that it stands on, keeping it from directly contacting surfaces.
The grill is easily moved, so convenience is a big bonus with this little guy. Along with the grill is an Eva Solo water flask, which is suitable for storing drinks, whether they are hot or cold. This is the picnic flask, and it is being offered in a new 1-liter size. It is double walled for insulation purposes, is made of stainless steel, and has a strap that is mounted in the lid to make it easy to carry. There are two style versions that are available to choose from- one is a matte version with a black strap, and the other is a glossed version with a red strap.
Just a few months ago in November of 2008, the smaller version of the flask won the highly-coveted iF Product Design Award. This award is recognized worldwide as being earned by those products that are aesthetically attractive, very high in quality, and also very functional as well. To round out these featured highlights of the Spring 2009 collection here is the new Eva Solo grill flatware, a handful of different variations of the popular grill plate, and also the Eva Solo grill dish. These are just some of the products that have made Eva Solo one of the top names in grilling “fashion”, as well as in d├ęcor for the entire home, especially when it has to do with cooking in the kitchen.

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