Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Amenity Creates Useful, Beautiful Décor as Reflections of Nature

Amenity is a design studio that is based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2004 with the intent to bring the peace of their youth into urban homes, Amenity is the idea of longtime friends Kristina de Corpo and Nicole Chiala. Creating useful and attractive everyday items for the home is the basis of the studio, and the focus is the tranquility that represents childhood. Corpo and Chiala are two graphic designers, and were in love with the idea of blending modern design with nature. The training in textile design is said to be very restrictive and almost “by the book”, but the two friends had a vision, and they followed that vision and transformed it into their first collection. This collection’s design featured large-sized silhouettes of simple natural occurrences that were drawn by hand by Kristina and were individually printed as well.
The studio’s bedding, characterized by warm earth tones, shiny metallics, and textured linens, was the beginning of Amenity, but it didn’t take long before their line expanded to include pillows and prints that expanded beyond the bedroom. Corpo and Chiala use environmentally friendly dyes, and have been right from the very beginning. They also use natural, minimally-processed fibers, and with this, they launched their organic bedding collection in 2006. What was really special about the collection was that it was the pair’s first certified organic collection, and with its success, was not to be the last.
The founders of Amenity have always been environmentally conscientious, and in addition to using eco-friendly dyes and natural fibers, they have also always produced their items and products locally. They now have transitioned their collection of accessories to using organic fibers as well, and their goal of using their organic designs on organic materials exclusively has now been fulfilled. Nicole and Kristina are committed to maintaining their company’s harmony with the environment, and with each year comes more ways that they bring the peace of nature into the modern décor and contemporary lifestyle of today.
New artwork is the basis of the designs here, as their childhood daydreams of sleeping on treetops became the designs that appeared on bedding textiles, and were quite unlike anything else that was “hot” on the market at the time. 2008 brought with it the introduction of hand-woven alpaca throw blankets and the Muir bed, which is made locally from reclaimed Douglas fir trees and is designed by Nicole. Amenity continues not only to grow and expand, but also to lead the world of simple and elegant design in a way that compliments the modern trend in design flawlessly.

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