Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Mastermind behind Jefdesigns is Changing Design, One Man at a Time

Jefdesigns is a design studio out of Portland, Oregon. This is unlike many other studios, however, in that it is a one man operation. Actually, it is one man and his dog. Joe Futschik is the designer and owner of this fresh company, and his goal is to turn out simple designs that are altogether bold and modern. He turns out everything from lightbox paintings and hand made wooden lamps to purses and handbags. Another way that Joes company is unique is that he is, for the most part, self taught in design.

Futschik relies on his gut instincts for his work, and whatever it is that inspires him at a given time is what he pursues, no matter what the medium is. The result of these tactics is a collection of objects of any and all uses that are still related to each other by identical attention to colors, light, and form design. His designs and products are available at many retail locations throughout the United States, and there are many more online retailers that carry his designs as well.

Some of the most eager types of establishments that have sought out their designs have been many bars, hotels, corporations, restaurants, and also many private homes as well. The company famously works with many in the interior design and architecture trades, and the companys products have been commissioned for many projects all over the world.

Some of the newest additions to the ultra modern, super simple design firm are recent partnerships for licensed printed images on canvas and on paper, and there are also many new pillows, plates and dishes, and custom handbags that are in the works as well. The company is always interested in teaming up with other professionals in the business that share the same visions and developing partnerships with manufacturers to expand the lines of textiles, rugs, and stationery.

Even though they enjoy success in design now, it did not always happen as such for Joe Futschik. He earned his degree in fine art, and unfortunately for a while the only things that it led him to were jobs waiting tables! He moved to Portland, Oregon, and finally began to build his dream as a professional designer. From his table lamps to his lightbox paintings, the creator has shown a strong track record of captivating with calm order in a world where busy otherwise reigns supreme.

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