Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grilling in Style- Less is More

There is one word this season that describes the design trends in everything from modern baby bedding to cooking: Simple. The looks for 2009 do not have too many colors, they do not have too many shapes, and everything is large. As popular as grilling is in the USA, it has been quite a while since brilliant new designs have come along having to do with grills, aprons, or spatulas. That has all changed this year, thanks to talented design firm Eva Solo.
The very popular Eva Solo table grill fits right in with this year’s simple design trends, and was first launched in 2006. The convenient, easy-to-carry grill is available in white or black, and has a simple, bucket shape to it. It is made of fire-proof porcelain, and has won many awards around the world for not only being functional, but being aesthetically appealing, too. This modern design table grill also comes with a nifty little trivet to rest upon to keep it off of surfaces.
Eva Solo also has quite an impressive line of tools, utensils, and accessories to go along with the table grill. Elegantly understated grilling flatware, the company’s grill plate (in several attractive variations), and the Eva Solo grill dish are available to complete the classy outdoor cooking look. If there never was a fashion trend that had anything to do with grilling before, there sure is now.

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