Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Refreshingly Simple Contemporary and Modern Bedding

Finally Spring is upon us, and many avid decorators have been waiting eagerly for the time to change up the look of the bedrooms in their houses. Many people do switch the décor in their bedrooms as the seasons change, with rich jeweled hues in the fall, light pastel colors in the spring, bold solids in the summer, and anything warm during the winter. There are a lot of great designers that have simply awesome modern bedding collections for this spring, such as Dwell Bedding, Matteo, and DwellStudio Bedding. These design firms offer solid colors, simple geometric patterns, and sophisticated designs.

Texture seems to be more emphasized this season than in previous ones. Whether it is a soft, fuzzy feel or a more rigid, solid touch, there seems to be a trend in using texture in place of colored detail for the spring. Large, simple designs and silhouettes are popping up within the creations of top designers, and nature seems to be playing a big role for the season as well. Flowers have been and probably always will be one of the most popular design schemes for bedding, whether it is roses for the master suite or daisies for baby décor. Flowers are once again big for 2009, but in a completely different way. Instead of hundreds of tiny rosebuds scattered all over a comforter, one or two very large, solid-colored lilies are featured instead along with a few large strands of grass of the same color, for example.

Going right along with the “nature” idea are fabrics and textiles that are completely organic being used by top designers. Natural, minimally-processed fibers along with eco-friendly dyes can be found on designers’ websites from Milan to New York to Oregon….yes, Oregon. The whole idea this year is to get back to simplicity and natural design- surf the Web to see these brilliant motifs for yourself.

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