Thursday, April 30, 2009

Modern Baby Bedding with Many Motifs

Modern baby bedding that is cute, cuddly, soft, and comforting is in high demand, and there are a lot of different styles and motifs that are popular. Whether you are looking for a nursery that is bright and cheerful or one that is pastel and serene, these days just about anything goes, so you have a good chance of finding exactly what you are looking for, thanks to the designers that make nursery design what it is today.
You’ll want modern baby bedding that fits the personality of your family and the style of infancy. Some people find baby bedding that they fall in love with, then decorate the nursery around that set. Others start with a particular set of colors in mind and then find accessories and linens that compliment those colors. There are dozens of high-end designers that parents can choose designs from and they all offer several different collections. Some parents prefer a contemporary style for the nursery, others go with more traditional, and still others choose retro motifs or trendy d├ęcor. The beauty of it all is that no matter what style you go with, as long as it all goes together and looks nice, it is in style.
Prints are still in style this year as always, and some of the most popular are animal prints like zoo animals, puppies, teddy bears, and kittens, and safari animals as well. Some patterns seem to come in and go out of style every couple of years or so, but animal prints are definitely back this year, for modern baby bedding as well as a lot of other things such as shoes and handbags. Animal motifs in the nursery are popular because animals are always “so cute”, just like the babies. Usually, baby animals are used instead of full-grown ones. Jungles, rainforests, and plains designs are always cute.
There is a lot more to modern baby bedding than just looks of course, the linens have to be soft, comfortable, and good for sensitive skin. Some of the cheaper materials can be irritating, scratchy, not very breathable, and can even cause rashes on the babies’ skin. Some of the ordeal of finding the right linens for your baby involves good old trial and error. Some babies may get a rash from flannel bedding, while others don’t do very well with woven cotton or wool. Modern baby bedding that is soft, comfortable, and gracious is always perfect, no matter what theme the motif has.

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