Tuesday, May 12, 2009

notNeutral Brings More than Color to Home Decorating

notNeutral Brings More than Color to Home Decorating
If you are caught in Spring Fever and are looking for a design company that is unique and inspirational, look no further than notNeutral. This company is a multi-disciplinary firm that is world-renown for its interior design, urban design, exhibit, product, and graphic design in addition to its work in architecture and landscaping.
notNeutral opened its doors in 1985, so it is a fairly young company still, and since that time it has grown to include all of the disciplines that it stakes claim to today. The company is best known for its colors that they use to make interesting and personal statements in each piece of furniture, dishware, and accessory that it puts its name on.
The company is well-known also for its bedding in addition to very fashionable bedroom furniture. The furniture, accessories, and linens all are made with high-quality materials and epitomize the modern contemporary style that is signified by smooth clean lines and solid, bright colors. For example, their BB2 twin bed is both functional and looks very cute, and has a little bench at the end of the bed for storage or to use as a seat. Even the blankets and quilts are of the highest caliber, and are reversible, 100% organic cotton, and are made with colored dyes that are both non-toxic and biodegradable.
The children’s furniture line is comprised of tables, chairs, and accessories that are stain resistant, durable, functional, and easy to clean. The practical use that parents and children get from the pieces of furniture make clean-up and play time both much more enjoyable and less stressful for everyone involved. Some of the furniture that notNeutral makes that is popular is made of birch Euro-ply wood, and the colors that are available to be put on many items are colors that the customers pick out themselves, so the furniture is not sitting in a warehouse all boxed up- once the customer places their orders, it then is painted, finished, and is packaged and shipped out. The versatility of notNeutral and their products make them really popular with people from all over the country.

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